Loch Alpine Events

LAIA Board Meeting

When: 7:30 PM, Sept. 11, 2014
Where: Webster Township Hall
Contact LAIA President Marvin Boluyt (boluytm@gmail.com) for more information.




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Loch Alpine Road Closure - September 22 - 26


 The dam modification work has been underway grading the overflow channels behind the dams. The next significant phase will require closing East Loch Alpine Drive September 22 - 26 between South Loch Alpine Drive and Prospect Court.  During this time a section of East Loch Alpine Drive will be excavated, regraded and repaved to create a low point in the road where flooding would be carried in a controlled path to the overflow channel behind the dam.

 Because of the excavation and the lack of shoulders along the road, no traffic will be allowed to pass through the construction area.  We know this is inconvenient, but residents will have to use Midway Drive as a detour to get to and from East Loch Alpine Drive.  Signs will be posted accordingly. 

 Dexter Community Schools bus route #8 also will access East Loch Alpine Drive via Midway, picking up and dropping off students at that intersection.

 We are working on a detour route for Waste Management -- likely using Prospect Court as a turn-around -- to make sure that waste pick-up is not disrupted for our neighbors.

 Thank you for your patience during this part of the project, and for your safety, please observe all detour signs.  If the schedule changes we will let you know immediately.



Exercise equipment installed in park by Eagle scout and volunteers

Great job Ryan and all of his supporters! The LA park looks awesome! Click image to enlarge!


No oil found, drillers departing

Press Release from Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards:


According to the Ann Arbor News, West Bay’s Patrick Gibson has stated that West Bay’s exploratory well in Scio Township has not resulted in discovery of oil and gas reserves, and that the company has “no immediate plans and it would be unlikely in the foreseeable future that West Bay would be looking to drill any further wells in Scio Township.” This announcement comes at a time when West Bay had been in violation of the township’s moratorium, is in pending litigation with Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards (COFBY), and has faced tremendous citizen pressure against oil exploration and development.

Laura Robinson, president of COFBY, states: “Although we believe this dry well is great cause for celebration, we urge township officials and residents to understand that West Bay’s statement of likely having no future plans in the township does not bind West Bay. It is possible that they could return—or another oil company could come into the township—for additional exploration. Given the large amounts of money that West Bay has reportedly spent on leasing mineral rights in Scio Township, and given that five permits for wells were applied for by a different oil company in recent days in neighboring Lodi Township and three in nearby Freedom Township, we remain concerned and we want to keep the spotlight shining on Scio. Oil and gas companies know now that they are not welcome to come into our neighborhoods and near our rivers and streams, and that citizens will no longer tolerate their safety, health, and well-being being threatened by this industry. We need to keep up the pressure locally and statewide to make legislative changes that will keep the citizens and environment of our township and others permanently protected from the harmful effects of oil and gas exploration and development.”

Ryan McGinnis is getting ready to put in three pieces of stationary exercise equipment in the Loch Alpine Park as his Eagle Scout project.  Members of Dexter Boy Scout Troop #442 will be the primary source of labor, but some tasks, such as cutting treated lumber and pouring concrete into drilled holes require the aid of more experienced adult labor. 


Volunteers of all ages are welcome!  Feel free to bring tools such as shovels, rakes, pickaxes, and spades.  Anyone who shows up to work on this project are asked to bring basic safety gear, such as eye protection, work gloves, and substantial shoes.  The work site is in the ball park, near the intersection of Bridgeway Drive and West Loch Alpine Drive. 


Work dates are Sunday, the 24th of August, Monday, the 25th, and Tuesday, the 26th of August.  Work hours Sunday are from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. On Monday, work starts at 1:00 PM and ends at 7:00 PM. 


Water will be provided on all days to workers on the project, and lunch will be provided on Sunday.