Board Journal
Board Bulletin January 18
Posted on Jan 18th, 2022

The next meeting of the LAIA Board of Directors will be Wednesday, February 9, at 6:30 pm online via Zoom conferencing. Residents who are interested in attending the meeting should request the Zoom access link from the Board, email
LAIA Annual Meeting
Mark your calendars… Loch Alpine’s annual meeting for Association Members will be held Wednesday, March 23, beginning at 7:30 pm. Due to continuing public health concerns about indoor gatherings, the meeting will be held, again, online only and all voting completed by absentee ballot. 
At least 20 days prior, members will receive the Annual Meeting packet including your Absentee Ballot with Proxy option, as well as the agenda, summary budget, candidates for Board of Directors, year-end reports from LAIA committees, and more. There will be four openings for directors.
A link to register for the online meeting will be provided in the coming weeks.
LAIA Seeking Candidates for Board
The Board of Directors manages the assets and finances of the Loch Alpine community for the Members. Directors and committees volunteer their time and skills to keep the roads in good condition, the lakes clean, parks and greenspaces attractive, social events happening, safety and communication proactive.  Directors serve a 2-year term of office. Candidates are elected (or re-elected) and announced at the March Annual Meeting. This year, there are 4 Director openings to be filled. As the LAIA By-Laws specify that 2 candidates should be presented for each opening, we are encouraging LAIA Members to consider running for the Board.  It’s a limited amount of time required: a monthly 2-1⁄2 hour meeting plus regular email correspondence to discuss issues and conduct business. If you can devote a bit more time and energy, perhaps you’ll lead a committee or a special project.
We hope you’ll consider -- it may be your time to help manage our unique neighborhood. Many of you moved into Loch Alpine just a few years ago, or longer. You may have ideas to make the community more welcoming and active for residents young and old. Please contact LAIA Board of Directors President Brian Daugherty,, (734) 426-7858, or any current Board Director to discuss this opportunity. Add your name to the list of many special Loch Alpine volunteers. Your friends and neighbors will sincerely thank you.
Please Help our Recycling Efforts
GFL thanks you for placing recyclables in the respective curb bin loose, not in plastic bags. Bagged recycling cannot be processed easily and any plastic bags mixed in with recycling may cause the machinery to jam, a problem that can bring the entire operation to a halt. 
Many of the materials that get away from the GFL trucks on a windy day are from open recycling containers or bins overstuffed with their lids partly open. Please try to secure your recycling materials before putting them out at the curb when the weather is windy.  Waste and recycling bins may be placed curb-side the evening before pick-up, and should be removed from the curb by the morning after pick-up.