Board Journal
LASA Water Main Replacement Update 10/28
Posted on Oct 30th, 2016

The Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority has announced that the pipe and other materials for the water main replacement project in Loch Alpine will be delivered November 2. Construction will begin soon after.
A construction schedule will be announced in the next few days. Hopefully, construction will end in January of 2017, with restoration completed in April/ May of 2017.
Process Results, Inc. is the engineering company hired by LASA to administer the project.  Please contact them with concerns or questions:
     Dan Kehr, On Site Representative     (609) 668.3563
     Ted Erickson, Project Manager          (734) 657.4925
Works areas, in preliminary order of drilling:
1.    Fairway between Eastgate and Hawthorne
2.    Eastgate between Fairway and East Loch Alpine
3.    Eastgate between Fairway and Canterbury
4.    Sunderland between Fairway and Eastgate
5.    Hawthorne between Fairway and East Loch Alpine
6.    Canterbury from Eastgate to End
7.    Westgate
8.    Morrow Ct
9.    Rondo through West Loch Alpine to Bridgeway
10.  West Loch Alpine from Rondo north
11.  West Loch Alpine from Sunset south
12.  Greenway Ct
13.  Climbing Way from Sunset south
14.  Climbing Way from Bridgeway north
The arrows on the map below show the locations and direction the bores will be drilled.  The pipe will be pulled in opposite direction of the arrows.  A schedule of drilling dates will be announced soon.