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LAIA Board Bulletin – October 23, 2017
Posted on Oct 24th, 2017

LAIA Board Bulletin – October 23, 2017


A Special Gift from Sam Horowitz

The Board was saddened to learn of the death of long-time Loch Alpine resident Samuel Horowitz. Active in community work on the Board and on committees, Sam was passionate about Loch Alpine and its features that make it a wonderful place to live and to raise a family. He had vision about how the community could continue to thrive in the future. He so valued the lakes, parks and natural spaces that benefit children and adults living here that he made LAIA a residual beneficiary of his Living Trust. While the amount has not yet been determined, a gift from his estate has been designated for the “maintenance and preservation of the parks in the Loch Alpine community.” We will keep you apprised of this remarkable gift as we learn more. Thank you, Sam, for all that you have done for Loch Alpine – past, present and future.


Fall Yardwork

As you rake Fall’s leafy blanket from your lawn, please clear leaves and branches from the ditches and culvert areas at your property to ensure good drainage. This will prevent water backups over your driveway and the roads, and keep debris from going to the lakes. Leaves and vegetation trimmings from adjacent Member property may not be deposited in the lakes easement or on any other LAIA property.  Members who deposit trimmings or other yard waste on any LAIA property – lakesides, roadsides, dam/spillway areas, parks and paths – will be charged for Association clean-up expenses.

Thanks for your cooperation in maintaining our beautiful Loch Alpine.


Halloween Trick or Treat is Tuesday, October 31, 5:30 – 7:30 pm.  If you must drive in the neighborhood at this time, please drive slow and watch for lots of pedestrians (in many shapes and forms).


Speed and Stop Signs

It’s an ongoing concern about traffic speed on Loch Alpine streets and motorists frequently driving by stop signs without stopping – not even slowing.  Brian McCall and the LAIA Roads Committee has been studying ways of “calming” traffic on Aberdeen and other streets, which will be considered by the Board.  Traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility. For the safety of children playing in their yards near streets, and for pedestrians and cyclists on our streets, please encourage your neighbors and visitors to drive carefully and stop at stop signs.


A Pedestrian Reminder

Now that morning and evening “drive-times” are darker, pedestrians should wear reflective clothing and carry flashlights so motorists can see you.  And please stay to the left side of the road and walk against traffic so that you can see approaching vehicles.  Keep children and pets close to the edge of the road.  This is especially important on some of the sharp curves in our neighborhood where drivers can’t see around the bends. 


Potty Break

On November 1 the Loch Alpine Park portable toilet will be returned to the vendor.  We are taking advantage of the low usage period in fall and winter months to have it thoroughly cleaned while saving the monthly rental fee.  We expect to have it returned in the spring, ready to go…