Board Journal
North Delhi Road Paving Completed
Posted on Nov 6th, 2015

The Washtennaw County Road Commission hopes you like your newly paved North Delhi Road.  The contractor has a few punch list items to address (clean up the job site, etc.). But for the most part, they are done.
Some of you have inquired about a speed limit for the new road. Unfortunately per state law, the County Road Commission is not permitted to perform a speed study until six months after the road has been paved. Come May, 2016, upon request of a citizen or Scio Township, our Traffic and Safety Division can perform a speed study to determine the 85th percentile speed of the motoring public on that roadway. It does take other factors into consideration. From there, a three panel team consisting of the Road Commission, Scio Township and Michigan State Police must all agree what a new proper speed limit should be following the 85thpercentile rule. Without consensus from all three parties, no speed limit will be posted. The County Road Commission is unable to establish a speed limit on its own since any citations will be thrown out in the court system without an approved traffic control order from the Michigan State police. 
Should you have questions concerning speed limits, please contact Brent Schlack at