Board Journal
Board Bulletin November 5
Posted on Nov 5th, 2020

Staying Safe on Loch Alpine Streets in Winter
The LAIA Roads Committee and winter roads maintenance contractors urge residents to observe the safety guidelines below.
  • Pedestrians are strongly urged to wear some reflective clothing and/or wearable lights to make themselves (and their dogs) clearly visible. This is especially important during hours of darkness and in heavy snow. Since the drivers who plow our roads must concentrate on the road surface in front of their trucks while also driving safely, such enhanced visibility is very important.
  • It’s also especially important in winter (and throughout the year) for pedestrians to walk on the left side of the road that has you facing oncoming traffic. By observing this rule, pedestrians are in a far better position to keep themselves safe.
  • Any resident who hires a private contractor to clear their driveway of snow should instruct the contractor that removed snow should not be plowed into an adjacent neighbor’s driveway or left in the street.
  • ´╗┐Owners who wish to protect their grass from plow blades may want to place reflective marker ‘sticks” about twelve inches back from the edges of their front yards.
Ditches and Culverts
Keeping Loch Alpine ditches and culverts clean, which is the responsibility of individual residents, benefits the entire community by allowing correct storm water flow and keeping debris from washing into the lakes. At times in the past, debris in ditches and culverts has also caused water to back up onto the streets--especially problematic in freezing temps that cause icy and dangerous conditions for drivers and pedestrians. As part of your fall clean-up, please remove and dispose of leaves and debris from ditches and also clear as much debris as possible from culverts adjacent to your lot. The Board and our entire neighborhood thank you.