Board Journal
Board Bulletin November 27
Posted on Nov 27th, 2020

Yard Waste Pick-Up Extended to Dec. 15
There is still time to rake!
GFL, the exclusive waste hauler for Scio Township, has advised us that the final yard waste pick-up for Loch Alpine this year will be Tuesday, December 15. (This extends the final pick-up three weeks beyond the November 24 date previously announced.) Yard waste should be properly bagged or bundled at streetside early that morning. Please do not place yard waste at the street after December 15. It will not be picked up, and it cannot remain at the street.
PLEASE, NO TAPE on yard waste bags. The use of masking tape, plastic packing tape, and even duct tape has been observed. The Board has received the following information from GFL: “Yard waste paper bags should not be taped closed as this material is processed with the biodegradable bags. The tape is not degradable and contaminates the process.” Yard waste bags (paper only) should be either folded closed or left open at the top. 
As part of your fall clean-up, please remove and dispose of leaves and debris from ditches and also clear as much debris as possible from culverts adjacent to your lot. This will help control surface water flow and prevent water from backing up onto the streets--especially problematic in freezing conditions. The Board and our entire neighborhood thank you.