Board Journal
Loch Alpine Board Bulletin - 12/29/2016
Posted on Dec 30th, 2016

In this issue:
Looking for (more) Leaders
Dear Neighbors,
Are you interested in contributing to the ongoing well-being of our unique and beautiful neighborhood by serving on the Loch Alpine Improvement Association (LAIA) board of directors? If so, can you let me know, and send me a brief biography by Sunday, January 15, 2017 (at the latest)? 

I am asking because we need three new directors starting in March, due to a few board member terms coming to a close. The terms are for two years and regular meetings are held once a month in the early evening, with additional "executive sessions" held as needed to address important issues. This is an important time for LAIA as we tackle important matters regarding the former Ann Arbor Country Club property. So I urge any of you with a vested interest in maintaining the long-term sustainability of our landscape to run for election to the Board.
Again, if you're interested and available to serve, then please contact me by Sunday, January 15, 2017 with the following: 
  • A statement that you'd like to run
  • A brief bio of your background and what you aim to contribute as a new LAIA board member 
We will be sharing all of the bios with neighbors in a mailing packet prior to the LAIA Annual Meeting, and all neighbors will vote on nominees during the Annual Meeting in March.

You may reach me at and/or call or text me at (734) 717-4708. 
Thank you for your consideration,
Lisa A. Pappas, LAIA Board Member 
DTE Power Outages and Credit Program
The frequency of power outages in Loch Alpine over the past several months has been frustrating. The LAIA Board has contacted DTE's regional manager to express this frustration and to request that the utility improve service reliability in Loch Alpine. He responded that the neighborhood may be "on tap" for circuit work, but we will be asking for specific actions.
Of interest,  DTE Electric has implemented service quality and reliability standards defined by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). These standards provide customers a $25 credit upon request, if their investigation of your request determines you have experienced the following:
A power outage* of more than 16 hours under normal conditions.
An outage* of more than 120 hours under catastrophic conditions
Or eight or more outages* during a 12-month period
*A power outage consists of full or partial loss of service for longer than 5 minutes.
If extraordinary circumstances have prevented DTE Electric from meeting these standards, the company may submit a waiver request to the MPSC for its consideration.
Those who feel that they meet one of the criteria outlined above can submit a credit request via this webpage or by calling (313) 235-7104.