Board Journal
LASA Project Update
Posted on Feb 21st, 2016

Questions about this project should be directed to Ted Erickson, (734) 657-4925,

In the previous announcement of the LASA water main replacement project, not all the locations of the work were referenced. Work has occurred on Northgate, but also will include Holly Way, St. Andrews, Bridgeway (eastern end), Woodland, Midway, Greenook Boulevard, Huron Court, and Dawson. The work will be staggered over the next couple of months. 

You can see LASA's schedule for the work by clicking on this link:
Project Schedule

The new water main is being installed by a trenchless technology called horizontal directional drilling where lengths of pipe are installed without open cutting the entire way. Connections and services leads are excavated as necessary. The process will take several weeks for:
- Installation of new water main, hydrants, and valves 
- Testing and disinfection of the new water main
- Individual services disconnected from the existing main and tied into the new main. Each house will be without water service for a couple of hours during the switchover. We will contact individual homeowners when their water service is being switched over.
- Restoration of disturbed areas as the weather allows.

Where possible, the connection between the new main and existing system is done without turning off service. Where an existing valve requires replacement, service interruption may be necessary. Any potential service interruption will be communicated via email and/or door hangers.

LAIA will be closely monitoring this work on behalf of the residents.