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Feb 1 Border-To-Border Trail Meeting
Posted on Feb 10th, 2018

Nearly 100 local residents turned out at Dexter Library on Feb 1 for updates on the county’s Border-to-Border pedestrian/cyclist trail. The meeting was focused on the proposed trail stretching from Zeeb Road to Wagner, to be completed in two phases. The section from Zeeb through Delhi Metropark directly concerns Loch Alpine and was the subject of the strongest opinions at the meeting. In brief, attendees unanimously supported a trailway along the south side of Huron River Drive (HRD) that could also avoid homes near Zeeb.
Different from its 2016 master plan, the county parks commission presented their preferred trail alignment as crossing to the north of HRD immediately east of Zeeb, to return to the south side someplace just before Greenook Boulevard. Although this would avoid our entrances, it could still affect some adjacent Loch Alpine properties (as well as the entrance of The Preserve).
Residents expressed concern for bicyclists entering our community from the trail and for the danger of a trail-crossing anywhere along HRD outside of an intersection. Members of The Preserve were concerned that a north-side trail could compromise their earthen dam. Instead, attendees greatly preferred a south-side route that would respect homes near Zeeb, jogging briefly to the south, following the railroad tracks back to HRD. It would then remain on the south side of HRD until it crossed the Huron River into Delhi Metropark on a bridge yet to be built. This preference was shown through a voice vote as well as in individual comments. But because this alternative could entail a cost increase of $500,000, no guarantees were made.
The eventual route is still undecided. Peter Sanderson, Washtenaw County Park Planner ( welcomes comments from residents who have not already expressed them. Construction is expected to begin 2019–20, although formal engineering for this segment of the trail has not yet begun.
See also the Feb 7 article from The Sun Times News.
Thank you to all Loch Alpine residents who attended and once again demonstrated that we are a vibrant, informed, and socially conscious community!