Board Journal
LASA Water Main Project - Update
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2016

Questions about this project should be directed to Ted Erickson, (734) 657-4925,

Only three stretches of watermain have yet to be put in place: Huron Ct, Dawson between Greenook and West Loch Alpine, and W Greenook between Huron Ct and the Greenook entrance. The remainder have been installed.
The new watermain in the Midway/ Woodland/ Bridgeway area has been tied together and pressure tested. Disinfection and bacteriological testing is currently under way.
The new watermain in the Northgate /St Andrews/ Holly Way area is currently being tied together. The yellow hydrants that have been installed are temporary – they will be replaced by hydrants meeting LASA standards.
Upcoming work:
Completion of the bores on Huron Ct, Dawson and W. Greenook. During the bore for Dawson, the bore machine will be blocking West Loch Alpine for one or two days. Traffic will be routed through Curlew. The date for this work has not been established. A one day notice will be sent out.
The connection of the new main on Woodland near East Loch Alpine and replacement of a valve that is currently inoperable, will necessitate service interruption of the residents of East Loch Alpine and adjacent streets between Crestline and the Greenook at West Loch Alpine. Adjacent streets include the east end of Bridgeway, Woodland and Midway.  Crestline and Eastgate will not be affected. This work is currently scheduled to occur on Monday, March 28 starting at 9:00 am and expected to take 4-6 hours. Service will be restored by the end of the day. A reminder will be sent out on Friday of this week as well as Monday morning. See this link for affected area: Service Interruption Map.
Following that connection, curb box and service line replacement will begin in the Midway/ Woodland/ Sylvan area, probably on Tuesday. Service interruptions at individual residences are expected to last no more than 30 minutes. Each residence will be notified prior to the interruption. The contractor will begin on Midway and work up Woodland.
Installation of new services for Northgate/ St Andrews/ Holly will occur in a couple of weeks.
General comments:
The new curb boxes will be located in existing grassy areas – generally at the Right of Way line - whenever feasible to minimize disruption to existing planting and landscaping. 

The final restoration of areas will begin after the service leads are connected to the new main. Some restoration / cleanup has occurred, but is not complete. LASA has agreed to let the installing contractor do some Saturday cleanup and restoration work the past couple of weeks. No work will take place the coming weekend (3/26 and 3/27) but may continue on future weekends.