Board Journal
LASA wells not threatened by dioxane plume
Posted on Mar 6th, 2016

Recent articles in Mlive Ann Arbor News about the growing dioxane plume have raised some questions from residents about the safety of our drinking water in Loch Alpine. The Gelman/Pall dioxane plume epicenter is at the Gelman/Pall location on Wagner Road, south of Jackson Road, and has been slowly expanding predominately eastward into Ann Arbor. According to LASA, the plume is not a threat to Loch Alpine drinking water because the aquifer that feeds the LASA wells flows from the northwest of the neighborhood, the opposite direction from the plume.
For the most current LASA water quality report, please click here: 2014 LASA Water Quality Report. The 2015 annual report will be issued in June.