Board Journal
Annual Meeting Results
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2017

A robust attendance at the LAIA Annual Meeting provided the quorum required to approve by 237 – 10 votes the 2018 fiscal year assessment of $725.00 per household. The assessment has remained the same now for three years.  From an outstanding slate of candidates, Association members re-elected Bob Sendra and Dino Anastasia and elected Patrich Jett to serve on the LAIA Board of Directors. Our thanks to Lisa Pappas for her years of service on the Board and for leading the Communications Committee.
The Loch Alpine Award, traditionally presented to the community volunteer(s) who has given exceptional contributions of time and talent to Loch Alpine during the past year, was presented to several individuals for their leadership. A Loch Alpine mug, designed by outgoing director Lisa Pappas, was given to:
·        LAIA/AACC Action Team Co-Chairs Christine Fitzsimons and Rick Haden; Craig Penrose and Russ Hagy; Ken Martens and Bob Shaw; Larry Quinn; Nancy Keppelman and Lara Treemore-Spears; teams information/activity coordinator Bob Shaw, and community survey creator Mike Weiss.
·        Tom Holland, for his ongoing work as the LAIA webmaster, and particularly during the last year developing our new website and migrating lots of content from the old site to the new.
The drawing for the prize of 50% off the annual assessment was won by Brian and Mary Daugherty and Chaman and Chandra Bhan.
All the complimentary cookies at the meeting were consumed, as well as an estimated 65 cups of coffee.
There were no power outages during the meeting; but DTE is still on notice, as demanded by the meeting attendees.