Board Journal
Annual Meeting Update
Posted on Mar 24th, 2018

The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Loch Alpine Improvement Association was convened Thursday, March 22, at Webster Township Hall. 
Association Members voted 177 - 31 to accept an annual assessment of $775 per household for LAIA operating and reserve budgets for the coming fiscal year (April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019). Select Community Management will be sending the assessment billing to members in the first week of April.
Members also elected to the Board of Directors the four incumbent candidates: Lucy Cohen, Brian Daugherty, Peter Logan and David Stockson.  The Board is grateful to the other candidates, Sheila Waterhouse and Roger Fraser, for their interest in serving the community.
This year's Loch Alpine Award for exemplary volunteer service to the community was presented to Brian McCall, who has served on the Roads Committee for several years and currently leads the committee in its work to maintain the 10 miles of roads and lanes, the drainage channels and traffic signage in Loch Alpine. 
Loch Alpine service appreciation mugs were presented to John Posch, for his several contributions to Grounds Committee maintenance and improvement projects; and to Dave Navarre for his extensive service as the LAIA representative on the Board of Directors for the Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority.
A drawing from the Member ballots cast for the Annual Meeting awarded waiver of 50% of the coming annual assessment to the Kleinhenz and Yablonky households. 
The Board is grateful for the Members' participation and support in the governance of our community.  Thanks to all the many volunteers who make Loch Alpine a very special neighborhood!