Board Journal
URGENT: Vote Absentee for Annual Meeting
Posted on Mar 13th, 2020

The Loch Alpine Improvement Association Annual Meeting scheduled for March 25th is very important to the Members, the residents of Loch Alpine.
This year, in light of the current virus situation, the meeting will not proceed as in past years.
The Board has decided that an in-person meeting session at the Township Hall will NOT be held to minimize health risks to Members & families. The meeting format will need to change to allow the Association business to occur but to avoid a large group gathering.
The Board now strongly recommends and encourages Members to submit their absentee ballot that was mailed in the Annual Meeting information package several weeks ago. Doing so will ensure that the quorum requirement for Association business is met and the necessary funds and directors are on hand to manage LAIA affairs. 
Please vote on the proposed budget and Director candidate slate now and mail the ballot to Select Committee Management ASAP or hand deliver to an LAIA Director (listed on the ballot - or below) NO LATER than March 24. The Board will accumulate all ballots submitted by March 25th to determine if the meeting quorum requirement is met. That result and the voting results will quickly be announced to the Members. An Association follow-up meeting will be held as soon as that becomes a reasonable option. 
This action by the Board is important to allow Association business matters to continue in the best manner. Your support of the Board by careful new Director selection and your support of the proposed budget will allow normal community maintenance and pursuit of our legal challenges during the next year.
Please direct questions and/or discussion topics to the Board via the Board email at Replies will be made quickly by personal call or email
Important topics will be added to the LAIA website & LA Facebook postings. 
Direct questions regarding ballot availability to SCM, 663-2900 or

The Directors trust that our Members agree this serious matter and unusual situation requires understanding and cooperation.
Your vote is essential to LAIA at this time.