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Posted on Mar 16th, 2020

To facilitate the delivery of absentee ballots, Select Community Management (SCM) will now be accepting completed absentee ballots via email ( or fax (734-663-0809) in addition to the usual mail service.
The absentee ballot needs to be completed and signed by the property owner on file for it to be valid - so if submitting by email you will need to complete the form, scan it and then email it. 
Please submit your absentee ballot to SCM ASAP but no later than March 21, 2020
Please use the absentee ballot included in the meeting information package sent earlier or visit the LAIA website at: to obtain another copy. 
The full 2020 Annual Meeting packet is in the "Documents" section and for ease, there is also a separate link for the Ballot itself. 
Please note that at present LAIA is not prepared for online voting.
On the March 25th meeting date, the Board will open the meeting with no attendance other than the Board and SCM managers. After determining whether the number of absentee ballots fulfills the meeting quorum requirement, the Board will count votes for new Directors and the budget proposal, set next meeting dates, determine a Member notification plan & update actions, and then close the session.