Board Journal
Board Bulletin March 17
Posted on Mar 17th, 2023

Storm Damage Pick-up
Following the ice storms, the neighborhood was aided by Steve DeWolfe, Excavators II, and Jamie Cobb, LnJ Landscape Lawncare, who kept our roads cleared and safe and who collected fallen material from roadsides throughout the subdivision several times (LnJ.)
The LAIA Board has decided to further utilize LnJ to do a complete one-time road right-of-way (ROW) collection of storm-downed tree and shrub materials the first week in April. Coincidentally, GFL begins its seasonal yard waste collection that week (April 4), so between these two contractors, your roadsides should be in good shape.
All yard material must be placed for collection on the roadside (ROW) by lot owners; LnJ will not move fallen material from yards, trim broken or hanging limbs or trees, or do any yard raking during this collection. If that assistance is required, please contact a tree service privately.
  • Material must be at the pavement edge only, no collection will be made from further back or at home sides, or limbs still hanging in trees.
  • Stack limbs and branches in the largest/longest sections, no trimming or cutting in short pieces is needed for LnJ as that slows down the process; also place the large stem end facing the road. (Larger, higher stacks are better for ease of loading into a chipper.)
  • No pickup of small branches/chips or yard rakings that you can collect for GFL in a yard waste bag.
Absentee Ballots Welcome Now for LAIA Annual Meeting
Loch Alpine’s annual meeting for Association Members will be held Thursday, March 23 at 7:30 pm. As noted previously, the Board is planning to host the meeting in person at Webster Township Hall -- contingent on public health conditions. Sign-in begins at 7:00 pm. Ballots can be cast at the meeting or by absentee ballot. All ballots must be signed.  
Early absentee voting is welcome!  For your convenience, ballots may be mailed to Select Community Management; or scanned and emailed to SCM at; or sent by fax to (734) 663-0809, or dropped off at one of three Loch Alpine addresses listed on the ballot. Absentee ballots must be received by March 21. So far, we have received only a fraction of ballots. Without a quorum -- in absentee and in-person ballots -- the meeting will be suspended until the needed number of ballots is attained.
All members should have received their LAIA Annual Meeting packet in the mail. The meeting packet includes your Ballot with Proxy option, as well as the agenda, summary budget, candidates for Board of Directors, year-end reports from LAIA committees, and more. This year, the proposed annual assessment is $775.00, the same as it has been for the last five years. There are three openings for directors. Please read the meeting materials before casting your votes for the assessment and Board candidates. (Casting your vote puts you in the pool for one of two 50% waivers off the annual assessment!) Also, the committee reports will provide good information on all the important work done for your neighborhood by resident volunteers.
If you are attending in person, please bring your ballot and annual meeting documents. There will be no information hand-outs at the meeting and no break for voting.  If you have not received your Annual Meeting packet, contact SCM at (734) 663-1900.  A copy of the meeting packet and ballot are posted in the password protected part of the DOCUMENTS section on this website.