Board Journal
Board Bulletin March 31
Posted on Mar 31st, 2023

2023 Annual Meeting Summary
For the first time since 2019, the Annual Meeting of the Loch Alpine Improvement Association convened in-person. LAIA Board President Brian Daugherty hosted the meeting in Webster Township Hall with the assistance of the other officers and directors. Treasurer Lucy Cohen prepared a Financial Report that Vice President Bryan Cole read and echoed Brian’s earlier remarks that the state of finances is solid and that we are not increasing the assessment for the sixth year in a row. 
With more than the required quorum in attendees and absentee ballots, votes were tallied and the results announced to the members present:
  • The annual assessment of $775 was approved.
  • Candidates elected to the Board of Directors were incumbents Bryan Cole and Bob Sendra, and new director Katie Roycroft. The board and community thanked Greg Schneider for his candidacy and willingness to serve. 
The annual Loch Alpine Award for exemplary volunteer service to the community was awarded to John Posch for his many contributions on the Grounds Committee, as well as his work for the Lakes and Communications committees. (More about John’s contributions is posted on the home page of this website.) Stu Snyder and Tom Bellisario each received a “Thanks from Loch Alpine” mug in recognition of their outstanding volunteer work improving community grounds and parks.
The two winners of the drawing for a 50% reduction in their annual assessment are Bob and Pat Sendra, 4746 Northgate, and Bob Shuchman, 4745 Northgate.
At the Board of Directors transitional meeting three days later, the new Board selected the following officers: Brian Daugherty, president; Katie Roycroft, vice president; David Stockson, secretary, and Lucy Cohen, treasurer.
Weekly curbside yard waste pick-up begins April 4
Place your material street-side no later than 7 a.m. Yard waste may be placed in large, craft/paper bags or loose in your own, reusable container with a "yard waste" or "compost" sticker on the container (available from GFL or Scio Township). Please do not tape yard bags -- fold them closed or leave them open at the top. GFL will also pick up branches no thicker than 3 inches in diameter tied in bundles no greater than 4 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter. Your Loch Alpine Grounds and Roads committees are grateful to homeowners for clearing leaves and debris from ditches and culverts along their property.  
Also, large limbs and branches brought down by the ice and snow storms may be placed, uncut, at curbside by April 3 for pick-up by LnJ Landscape Lawncare during the week. They will not move fallen material from yards, trim broken or hanging limbs or trees, or do any yard raking during this collection. If that assistance is required, please contact a tree service privately. LnJ will not pick up small branches/chips or yard rakings that you can collect for GFL in a yard waste bag.