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Board Bulletin - April 18, 2017
Posted on Apr 19th, 2017

Loch Alpine Board Bulletin
April 18, 2017
Lakes Committee Needs Your Help Pulling Invasive Garlic Mustard
Join your Loch Alpine neighbors for quality time with nature and garlic mustard pulling.
SATURDAY, MAY 6 from 10 a.m. to Noon 
Meet at the Playground Park Pavilion
Bring gardening gloves and yard waste bags, something to drink and your own refreshment. Additional yard waste bags will be provided by the Lakes Committee.

WHY WE SHOULD CARE: Garlic Mustard is an invasive plant over-running many of our common areas and yards. It's aggressive, pushing out (and toxic to) native plants and wildflowers. NOW is the proper time to pull it out – before it flowers, produces seeds and spreads. It must be removed from the ground, not left as it will seed out after pulling.

The Lakes Committee has identified several common areas where garlic mustard is growing right now that we can work to clear.

Here's what the plant looks like in early May:
If you see it in common areas or in your yard, please pull it out and bag it!
LASA water main project set to repair pavement
The contractor will be on site this week removing the cut pavement areas. Repaving is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, April 20 and 21, weather permitting. Questions, contact:
           Dan Kehr, On Site Representative    (734) 366-0562
           Ted Erickson, Project Manager        (734) 657-4925
Is the check in the mail?
Thank you to all residents who have already paid their LAIA annual assessment.
Select Community Management mailed invoices soon after the assessment of $725 was approved at our March Annual Meeting. If you have not paid as of yet, in order to avoid 
monthly late fees, please make sure your payment is received by May 1, 2017.
If you did not receive an invoice, or have any billing questions, please contact Select directly.
If anyone needs a special payment plan to meet their assessment obligation, these can be requested either through Select Community Management or the LAIA Board.
Breaking bad, broken bottles at park
In the category of "dumb and careless," glass from broken bottles was found on and around the rock near the playground in the park. Lara Treemore Spears a half hour last Friday picking up shards around the rock with the plaque on it. (Thanks, Lara!)
Besides showing bad behavior, the shards pose a hazard to kids who like to climb the rock. For awhile, we caution barefoot park-goers from nearing a circumference of about 10 feet around the rock. Anyone who can provide information about the bottle-breaking incident is welcome to contact