Board Journal
Service Interruption & Road Work, Mon, 5/16/16
Posted on May 15th, 2016

All water services in the project areas have been transferred to the new system.  Restoration is ongoing. The existing mains need to be disconnected from the system at the following locations:
  • Woodland and East Loch Alpine
  • Bridgeway and East Loch Alpine
  • Dawson and West Loch Alpine
  • Greenook Blvd at West Loch Alpine (two)
A water service interruption is scheduled for Monday, 5/16/16.  The work will consist of disconnecting the old main on Woodland from the system at East Loch Alpine.  The existing valve does not appear to be working.  The shutdown will begin sometime after 9:00 a.m. and last up to two hours.  Water service will be restored by the end of the day. 
The affected customers are outlined on the attached map: Service Interruption Map 5-16-16
The decommissioned hydrants will be removed.
Road Work on Monday, 5/16, a contractor will be filling all the larger pavement cracks on the entire East and South Loch Alpine Drives in preparation for the chip-sealing of these same streets, which is scheduled to begin soon, as early as 5/23.  
From Wednesday, 5/18, thru Friday, 5/20, street and driveway pavements and curbing will be repaved at all the sites disturbed by the LASA water main upgrade project work. Areas are being marked with bold paint. If you suspect that an area is overlooked (not marked, obvious paving fault/flaw) please contact Ted Erickson by email asap with the address/location. 
There will be some temporary roadway blockages during this work. Please be prepared to drive with extra time and caution as some delay and/or detour may be encountered.