Board Journal
Scio Trash & Recycling Notice
Posted on May 29th, 2019

Very recently, Scio Township residents living in Loch Alpine received a “Trash & Recycling Service Questionnaire” from the township manager, giving notice of the township’s contract with GFL Environmental USA. The questionnaire asks for information from residents about their current trash and recycling service, as well as other information. This has caused some confusion for residents who know that Loch Alpine has a service agreement with Waste Management.


Loch Alpine's contract with Waste Management continues to July 2020; therefore, Loch Alpine will not be changing service to GFL at this time.  The Scio Township manager knows this and agrees that our contract with Waste Management will remain in effect for the contract period.  Further, there is the possibility the LAIA Board will renew with Waste Management next year, because the Scio contract with GFL does not apply to the Loch Alpine residents in Webster Township. We want only one waste and recycling hauler in order to control traffic, noise and curbside containers on our streets.  The Board will continue to explore the best option in the months ahead.


We believed we had the township manager’s agreement that the questionnaire would not be sent to Loch Alpine residents because of the confusion it would cause.  Apparently not.  In the meantime, you can either ignore the survey, or send it back that you have a contract with Waste Management until July 2020.  The township and GFL know that they have to stay out of Loch Alpine for trash service -- at least until July 2020.