Board Journal
Waste Management to Stop Service June 24
Posted on May 18th, 2020

Waste Management (WM), the current trash collection provider to Loch Alpine and adjacent subdivisions, has advised the Board that it will stop providing all service to Loch Alpine after the June 24 collection day. This is due to the pending Scio Township ordinance limiting trash haulers operating in the township. The notification to LAIA from WM last week included the following:
With the upcoming single hauler services ordinance in Scio Township unfortunately, we will not be able to continue offering services after June 30,2020… All Loch Alpine accounts will be closed effective June 30, and the last service day will be Wednesday, June 24. All existing Waste Management carts will be removed after the final service. Please advise residents to leave the WM carts at the curb until removal. All recycle 18 gallon bins will not be removed, the residents can keep them for storage or dispose of them. (Click here to read the full notice.)
LAIA determined years ago that allowing only one trash service operating on one weekday was beneficial for traffic safety, limiting wear of our streets, noise and visual ambiance. Scio has decided the same, proposing one provider, GFL Environmental, for all residential trash service in the township. Loch Alpine would be required to subscribe to GFL. Therefore, the LAIA Board is moving quickly with a GFL representative to have individual accounts set-up for all Loch Alpine residents to facilitate seamless waste and recycling service upon WM's termination with minimal gap time. We are committed to maintaining the benefits of only one service provider operating on our streets, so Loch Alpine households in Webster Township also will be required to subscribe to GFL.

Details on the township ordinance and proposed agreement with GFL, including negotiated residential rates, will be sent to you as available. We are very disappointed that Waste Management will not extend its service contract until the Scio-GFL agreement is final. Quarterly charges will be higher during the interim. In the meantime, GFL has been provided with resident names, addresses and contact information and plans to contact each owner by phone. The Board will continue to work closely with GFL to get the best rate available.