Board Journal
Board Bulletin May 12
Posted on May 16th, 2023

Lakes Treatment Scheduled for May 24
Residents will want to avoid contact with the treated lakes for 24 hours, as well as keep pets from ingesting the water for 72 hours following the treatment on Wednesday, May 24th.
LAIA Annual Assessment Reminder - Due May 28
Thank you to all residents who have already paid their LAIA annual assessment. As a reminder, the assessment is due by May 28 and must be received no later than June 6 in order to avoid a late fee.
If you did not receive an invoice, or have any billing questions, please contact Angela Webb ( at Select Community Management.  If anyone needs a special payment plan to meet their assessment obligation, these can be requested either through contacting LAIA’s Treasurer or Select Community Management.
Calling All Grads!
Do you know a graduating Senior? We'd love to hear about them. A brief bio including a photo, some of their achievements and plans for the fall would be great! Please send these to Katie at by May 19.
Coyotes In Our Midst
Coyotes have settled on the former golf course, so be careful with pets.
From In urban or suburban areas, coyotes will take advantage of the small mammals and birds that bird feeders and gardens often attract. They may even eat some of the fruits and veggies too. Coyotes are opportunistic feeders and have a keen sense of smell. Garbage or pet food that is left out overnight may also draw their attention. If there are coyotes in the area, eliminating these potential food sources may make the area less appealing to them. For your safety, NEVER intentionally feed or try to tame coyotes! It is critical that they retain their natural fear of people. Keep small pets indoors, or accompany them outside and keep them on a leash. If you see a coyote in your area, try to scare it off by yelling, clapping or making other loud noises. Most coyotes are naturally afraid of people and will leave if you frighten them. Remember, coyotes, like any wild animal, can act unpredictably and should be treated with respect and enjoyed from a distance.
Looking for New Content
Loch Alpine Communications would like to invite you to help us generate new content for our e-newsletters. If you or your family have anything you'd like to share with the community please click here to submit it. We're looking for achievements, big news, neighborhood trivia, services offered or needed; like dog walker or babysitter, and really anything in between!