Board Journal
Road Closure Alert, LASA Water Main Replacement Update
Posted on Jun 3rd, 2016

The Dexter Ann Arbor Run will take place on Sunday, June 5. Huron River Drive will be closed from 7:00 until around 11:00 a.m. Routes available are Zeeb Road, crossing with police assistance, and Joy Road into the Dexter area.
Questions about this project should be directed to Ted Erickson, (734) 657-4925,
This is a brief update from LASA project coordinator Ted Erickson and Association Board member Bob Sendra, who yesterday reviewed all areas of subdivision impacted by the construction work.
Important considerations:
Ted has a specific list of many items still to be addressed; the fixers are not done nor leaving yet, so don't panic.
Valve boxes in many yards still remain sticking up and will be lowered to grade.
Yard restoration work continued this week with crews addressing sunken areas, places needing seed, replacing grass mats as required.
Grass mats will be removed by the lawn contractor as grass growth dictates. However, if the grass at your yard has developed and is lifting the matting, you may remove it and begin to mow. Be sure to remove the steel anchor stakes at the matting corners and along some edges to protect yourself while mowing (pliers may be needed.) The matting goes in the trash, not yard waste.
Ditches needing some rework have been identified (Woodland, Huron Ct.)
Culvert work, cleaning (Northgate/St Andrews) and restoration (Woodland)
Asphalt pavement/curbing repair needed (Northgate/St Andrews curb)
In about 10 days, allowing for all current areas to be addressed and grass to grow, another reassessment of properties will be made. If you feel that your yard has been overlooked, not restored properly or have any other question, please send us an email.