Board Journal
Posted on Jun 30th, 2016

Because of very dry conditions and the tall, dry grass on the golf course, residents setting off fireworks on or near the course could ignite disastrous grass fires in our neighborhood that could spread to homes.
Please caution your family and friends not to ignite any fireworks on or near the golf course. Aerial fireworks are especially dangerous because they can travel into the course and set fire to the tall grass. 
We also are advising our professional fireworks vendor to prepare their set-up for the ?July 2 ?display to minimize aerial embers from drifting over the course.
The State Fire Marshal is considering a statewide ban on fireworks because of the dry conditions. Several communities in Michigan already have imposed local bans on the use of consumer fireworks. If we become aware of a statewide or local ban on fireworks, we will issue notice to the neighborhood.
Loch Alpine Safety & Security Committee volunteers will be patrolling at night during the holiday weekend. Disruptive or dangerous activities, including fireworks on or over the golf course, may be reported to the police.
Thank you for your cooperation.
LAIA Board of Directors