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Board Bulletin - June 3, 2017
Posted on Jun 4th, 2017

Loch Alpine Board Bulletin
June 3, 2017
Another Burning Question
Scio Township does not allow open burning on any parcel of land less than one acre in size. That pretty much means no open burning in Loch Alpine lots located in Scio. “Prescribed burning” is allowed only with a permit issued by the Fire Department. For more information, click here. 
Speed and Stop Sign Concerns
Residents are expressing concerns about traffic speed along Loch Alpine streets and at intersections where cars frequently drive through without stopping – not even slowing.  The LAIA Board has asked the Safety & Security Committee to consider means of slowing traffic on Aberdeen and other streets where motorists often drive too fast or ignore stop signs.  The easiest way to ensure traffic safety is our own driving behavior.  For the safety of children playing in their yards near streets, and for pedestrians and cyclists on our streets, please encourage your neighbors and visitors to drive carefully and stop at stop signs. 
A Reminder About Foot Traffic
Pedestrians, please stay to the left side of the road and walk against traffic so that you can see approaching traffic.  Walking up the middle of a street creates a traffic hazard.  At night, please wear reflective clothing and carry flashlights so motorists can see you.  Dog-walkers, keep a short leash so your pets aren’t stretching out across traffic lanes.  This is especially important on some of the sharp curves in our neighborhood where drivers can’t see around the bends.  
Oh, Poo!
No one likes the look or smell of it, and especially stepping in it. So, thank you, dog walkers who bag your dog’s poop instead of letting it lie where Fido puts it. But, it doesn’t count if you leave the bag behind for someone else to pick it up. You’re just adding unsightly waste to your dog’s waste along the road. 
Loose Dogs 
Thank you for keeping your canines confined to your yards.  Roaming dogs can create mischief with other loose dogs, as well as make children and pedestrians anxious or scared.  And thanks for keeping your dog on a leash when you are walking around.  Michigan law requires all dogs over 6 months to be on a leash at all times if they are off of their own property.  Michigan law also requires all dogs over 6 months to be licensed annually. Licenses may be obtained on-line.   Residents should call 994-2911 or 911 to report a loose dog.  Call at any time, and provide the address where the dog resides. County Animal Control officers will follow up with a warning and/or ticket.