Board Journal
Loch Alpine Board Bulletin - June 11, 2018
Posted on Jun 11th, 2018

Like many of you, I too attended the annual meeting and heard from our LAIA board members about the various committees and programs that compose the voluntary management of our organization. What I’ve come to learn recently is how small that group of volunteers is, and how much they need our help.
Many, many residents have been involved in the past, and for your years of service to Loch Alpine, thank you!
Still, the number of current volunteers is extremely small -- about 5% of the community -- and, I think, surprising, particularly given how fiercely people feel about the potential changes in our community.
This email is a call to action: the board needs your help.
This is a chance to involve your family and friends. For example:
·      Those NHS high school students need volunteer hours; can your student write a neighbor profile or help with a project?
·      Have a neighbor that likes fishing? Team up to volunteer together on the lakes committee!
What you get for it:
·      Gratitude from your neighbors
·      A sense of pride in your community
·      A better understanding of the inner workings of Loch Alpine
·      More neighborhood friends and connections
·      Not having to read this email again if no one signs up
Are you afraid to raise your hand for fear of being overcommitted? Don’t be. There are plenty of smaller projects. The more people respond, the easier this is – and the more fun.
So please, email and get more information!
Thank you,
Sheila Waterhouse, Communications Chair
There are a number of easy opportunities to contribute:
Communication Committee
needs help writing
neighborhood stories, taking
photos, posting on social
media, and managing the
Social Committee
is looking for a few people to
help vision, plan and execute
events with our most
dynamic chair, Katie
Roycroft; lots of activities
with the upcoming
Independence Day
celebration on June 23 --
we need volunteers now!
Lakes Committee
is in need of new leadership
for an active group that is
involved in the health of the
lakes, stream erosion and
sediment control, invasive
plants, water testing,
overseeing boat storage, and
access opportunities.
Security & Security
needs a new leader for a
group involved in
communicating safety and
security alerts, traffic safety
tips, managing snow and ice
removal, conducting
occasional security patrols,
working with Grounds
Committee on managing
roadside vegetation for
improved sightlines.