Board Journal
Loch Alpine Board Bulletin - July 18, 2016
Posted on Jul 18th, 2016

This year's event was a great success! Following a colorful parade of bikes, activities at the park included lots of fun for children on the bouncers and making crafts. The Garden Club hosted a pot-painting craft and helped youngsters transplant flowers into the newly decorated pots. A successful relay race was held, as was a water balloon toss. 
Thanks to LAIA Social Chair Katie Roycroft and the following neighbors for helping make it a day to remember:
  • Shooshan Danagoulian
  • Jennifer Muckler
  • John Muckler
  • Dino Anastasia
  • Kathy Anastasia
  • Alice Dechert
  • Ronald Dechert
  • Erica Ward
  • Aaron Ward
  • Anna Lehr
  • Linda McCall
  • Jeffrey & Henry Lehr
  • Mary Nickson
  • The Grossman Family
Ted Erickson, the LASA project manager/coordinator/trouble-shooter, and LAIA Board director Bob Sendra again reviewed all the subdivision areas disturbed by the water main project for grounds restoration. Ted has again made a list of places to be revisited both soon and in September to complete remaining work. The weather, plus many places not watered by residents, has brought a slow re-grassing.
There are locations listed, as best we can see, that require:
  • Soil to establish smooth ground surfaces along Woodland, Northgate (the boulevard hasn't been completely addressed due to straw matting still on)
  • More grass and straw mats yet to grow grass (this to be done in Sept.) 
  • Straw mats in places to be taken up now where grass has grown sufficiently 
  • A culvert on Woodland to be opened, a spillway on Huron Ct to be rebuilt 
  • A ditch on Northgate that needs stonework to improve the finish grade 
  • Culverts along Northgate that shall be flushed of slit bore material again, etc.
The grounds work list still is long.
Several asphalt repairs will be made by the LAIA contractor and billed to LASA.
The AACC parking lot has been cleaned of most material except a dirt pile for restoration work.