Board Journal
Board Bulletin - July 26, 2017
Posted on Jul 28th, 2017

Thank you Katie Roycroft and the many volunteers who made our Independence Day celebration a grand success!
What is DTE Doing to Improve our Electrical Service?
After recurring power outages throughout Loch Alpine, members of the Board met with the DTE regional manager and engineers in April to determine what will be done to provide reliable electrical service to our neighborhood. At that meeting, we found out that DTE had been working on a plan and have begun implementing upgrades and improvements to their distribution network. This includes:
Pole-top work, e.g. new transformers, fuses and line insulators, between The Preserve and into southern and western areas of Loch Alpine.
Surveying tree trimming needs this summer, and meeting with individual homeowners to discuss trimming of trees on their properties that might be necessary; actual trimming would commence in the winter when limbs are bare of leaves.
Rerouting the distribution line from Miller Road to the eastern end of Loch Alpine, up E. Delhi and North Delhi roads, hopefully this year.
Building a new substation on Miller Road to divide the distribution from the current Jackson Road station – this work is slated to occur in a couple of years.
We inquired about back-feeding the neighborhood from another station, but the substation on Huron River Road cannot take on more capacity and load.
The DTE representatives made it clear that implementation was not without challenges although they assure us that funding to begin improvements was in place.  As we get more information about timetables, we will pass them along to the community.
Read the Restriction Agreement Online
Since 1957, the Loch Alpine Improvement Association has had a Restriction Agreement that is legally binding on all lots in the neighborhood, including the lots that compose the former Ann Arbor Country Club. All home owners, as well as those renting homes in Loch Alpine, should familiarize themselves with the scope and restrictions of the Agreement. The Restriction Agreement is posted on the Loch Alpine website here along with our By-laws and Articles of Incorporation. If you have questions about the Restriction Agreement or other documents of our neighborhood governance, contact the Board at Everyone’s understanding and support is important. Thank you!
Lakes Score Great on E.coli Test
Every year, the Lakes & Dams Committee tests both lakes for the presence of the E.coli bacteria. Cindy Walton drew water samples for testing in early July, and the lab results were very good, showing an extremely low level of the bacteria in the lakes. With a safe limit of 300 E.coli  ppm/100 ml, the test result for the upper lake was 12, the lower lake was 4.  This means that our lakes are healthy for boating, swimming and fishing.
LASA Water Quality Report
Earlier this summer, the Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority distributed to all customers its water quality report for calendar year 2016. It also is posted on the Loch Alpine website here. The report shows that our drinking water is safe and dependable. Also worth noting, LASA does not add fluoride to our water, as many municipal water systems do. If you desire fluoride as part of your dental hygiene, you’ll need to use toothpaste and/or mouthwash that has fluoride as an ingredient.