Board Journal
GFL Recycling Container Swap and Return of Unwanted Containers
Posted on Jul 12th, 2020

In response to a number of owners who emailed me that they did not want the 96 and 65 gallon containers delivered by GFL, preferring to either obtain a smaller recycling bin or use their own containers, the LAIA Board has arranged a one-time batch exchange and/or take-back event. This exchange is limited to trading the large wheeled 65 recycling container for an 18 gallon bin and/or have one or both containers taken back.
If you wish to participate in this batch exchange, then reply to with your choice(s) of:
  1. Exchange the GFL 65 gal recycling container for a 18 gallon recycling bin (with no wheels or lid)
  2. Give back the 65 gallon recycling container.
  3. Give back the 96 gallon trash container
No other options are available as part of this exchange. Once I have passed on the list to GFL, I will contact the owners who reply with the anticipated delivery/retrieval date.
Dave Stockson