Board Journal
Board Bulletin July 22, 2020
Posted on Jul 22nd, 2020

GFL Transition Update
The batch exchange for the 21 owners who signed up will occur tomorrow, July 23. They have been notified individually. If you are NOT part of the batch exchange please move your containers away from the street, so the driver doesn't remove them in error.
The GFL "transition" period has ended. Scio Township has passed a waste hauler vendor ordinance, but has not yet signed a contract with GFL (or any other hauler); so LAIA residents are operating as independent subscribers and should contact "Customer Support" for questions and needs. 
Some collection details:
  • GFL collection in our neighborhood starts around 7 am, the route is flexible so no exact time per street is dependable
  • Large items should be put out at the road the night before or very early on collection day
  • GFL waste and recycling carts must face the street and be slightly spaced to allow the mechanical arm to get in and lift the can
  • Please, no car parking around waste and recycling containers on Tuesdays.
Members of the Grounds and Roads committees are meeting with a GFL site supervisor to discuss and brainstorm ideas for eliminating damage to the road surfaces. This will likely entail a need for support from residents, so look for information in future bulletins on ways we can help.
Next Lakes Treatment July 23
July 23 is the next scheduled treatment of our lakes to control algae and aquatic weeds.  
Minimum 24-hour no swimming in the lakes -- people and pets. Keep your pets from drinking lake water for 14 days following treatment.
Please also refer to the notices posted around the lakes and on many mail-posts for important details. Treatment details can be found on our website. If you have neighbors who don't use internet communication, kindly share this information with them. Future treatment dates are August 12 and 27, depending on weather.
Lakes E. coli Tests
Lakes Committee volunteer Cynthia Walton completed lakes sampling for E. coli bacteria on a clear, sunny July 14. The results show that Loch Alpine lakes are safe for swimming, fishing and boating:
  • Upper lake at Rock Park -- 16 (parts/100 milliliter)
  • Lower lake at East Loch Alpine boat storage -- 6
  • In Boyden Creek (adjacent to Bridgeway Drive) -- 520
The acceptable level of E. coli is determined by risk analysis based on statistics to protect human health. Drinking water should have no E. coli after treatment. E. coli levels at designated swimming beaches should not exceed 88 per 100 milliliter (mL) in any one sample, or exceed a three-sample average over a 60-day period of 47/100mL. Recreational waters that are not designated beaches should not have more than 406 E. coli/100mL in any one sample, or more than 126/100mL in a 60-day, three-sample average. Occasional higher numbers are not unusual, particularly after storm events and where urban or agricultural runoff occurs. These levels are generally not considered unsafe unless investigation indicates the source to be sewage. Source: