Board Journal
Board Bulletin July 7
Posted on Jul 7th, 2022

Lake Treatment July 7
Please note our Lakes are scheduled to be treated Thursday, July 7. This treatment is to control algae and aquatic weeds. Minimum 24-hours no swimming in the lakes -- people and pets. Keep your pets from drinking the lake water for 14 days following treatment. Please also refer to the notices posted around the lakes and on many mail-posts for important details. Treatment details can be found on our website.
Loch Alpine Lore Revival
Just a reminder, the Loch Alpine Communications Committee is reviving the e-Newsletter; The Loch Alpine Lore. This will be sent via e-mail.  To keep these e-mails out of your spam folder please take a moment to add "" to your address book.
Calling All Graduates!
If you have a high school or college senior who graduated this year please send us a photo with a brief bio including, but not limited to, any awards/successes they may have achieved while at school, and their plans for next year. They will be featured in our next newsletter. Submissions due July 8. Thank you! 
Loch Alpine Independence Day Celebration
What a spectacular day in Loch Alpine! We’d like to thank everyone involved, first and foremost Bob Sendra and Katie Roycroft for their event coordination. Thank you to Social Committee Members; Cat Carty Buswell, Dyanna Posch, Heather Kipp, Stephanie Sanders and Shooshan Da, and to volunteers; Janet Torno, John Posch, Sunny, Angie and Shelly Beach, and Roberta Nerison-Lo who helped with setting up and running the daytime event. Peter Logan who helped with parking control and signing, Mike Howell and Sara who helped with security and cleaning up the dam shell casing debris the morning after the event.   We really appreciate all your efforts to make this event a success!

We’d also like to applaud our vendors Hopper’s Houses and Wolverine Fireworks Display for their services!