Board Journal
Board Bulletin - August 20, 2018
Posted on Aug 21st, 2018

Summer Reminders
If you are new to the neighborhood, or perhaps not, thank you for keeping in mind...
  • The Loch Alpine Restriction Agreement limits signs on a private lot to only a single sign advertising the property for sale or rent. Signs for political, festival, school/student activities, contractor work, etc. are not allowed and are removed from LA property, including the road right-of-way adjacent to lots and the entrances.
  • Waste Management trash, recycle and yard waste containers are properly kept at the side or rear of the home and not in view in front. Placement at streetside is to be limited to the day prior to collection and then to be removed soon after, not left for an extended period. WM will by arrangement pick up large items from homes several times per year at no charge. Just give them a call ahead. Please do not leave large items at curbside for extended periods ahead of or after pickup.
  • Trailers, boats, campers, junk materials are not to be stored in front of a residence. Vehicles cannot be parked on streets overnight, nor on front yards.
  • Dumping of yard waste on Loch Alpine natural, lakeside or any areas is not permitted. Removal of same will be charged back to the person responsible.
  • Resident vehicles and boats should have a LA decal to aid in proper identification at our parks and lakes. Unmarked boats are periodically flagged for removal from the lake areas.  If you need a car or boat decal, contact Select Community Management at (734) 663-1900 or send an email.
Lakes Score Well on Test
Thanks to Cindy Walton for completing the first of the planned annual Loch Alpine lake eColi tests with the Washtenaw County Environmental Health Division.  The upper lake (Bridgeway) measured 12 parts eColi/100ml; and the lower lake (Greenook) measured 3 parts eColi/100ml. The published safety level is to be under 300 eColi/100ml.  These results indicate a very low eColi level in both lakes, safe for boating, fishing and swimming.