Board Journal
Board Bulletin August 24
Posted on Aug 24th, 2020

Tree and Shrub Trimming
Planned for September, many trees & shrubs along LA streets will be trimmed back from the road edges and overheads (by LnJ Landscaping.) This has not been done for several years and is in obvious need in many locations for better safety along the road shoulders (to provide a 5 ft street "safety edge,") good visibility at curves and intersections, proper overhead clearances for large truck passage, etc.
Vegetation along all streets has been inspected and areas in need are designated on a work map (accompanying) to guide the contractor; trees and shrubs infringing into the roadside "shoulders" and over the roads will be addressed. Pedestrian street safety and vehicle visibility are main concerns; however, good trimming method and the maintenance of good vegetation "appearances" will be observed. This work is being done only on (and over) LAIA property. We know that most home- owners enjoy taking care of the off-street areas in front of their homes themselves. A Road trim map can be found here.
We now suggest that those preferring to do the necessary trimming and maintenance work at streetside -- to "brush-back" for safety -- should get to the task as soon as possible.  Please address concerns to the Grounds Committee Chair, Bob Sendra,
GFL Trash Talk
´╗┐Loch Alpine Members should become familiar with the GFL Environmental regulations regarding what will not be collected to eliminate material left behind. Trash and recycle containers and yard waste may be placed at streetside no earlier than the afternoon prior to pickup; empty containers must be removed soon after pickup, not to remain at streetside past the collection day. Removal of containers from streetside during absences must be arranged by the Member for the appearance of the community. Please remember that GFL starts picking up early (7 a.m.) and trash should be at roadside by then.
Loose Dogs Violate Leash Law
Thank you for keeping your canines confined to your yards.  Roaming dogs can create mischief with other loose dogs, as well as make children and pedestrians anxious or scared.  And thanks for keeping your dog on a leash when you are walking around.  Michigan law requires all dogs over 6 months to be on a leash at all times if they are off of their own property.  Michigan law also requires all dogs over 6 months to be licensed annually. Licenses may be obtained on-line from Washtenaw County.   Residents should call 994-2911 or 911 to report a loose dog.  Call at any time, and provide the address where the dog resides. County Animal Control officers will follow up with a warning and/or ticket.
And thank you, dog walkers who bag your dog’s poop instead of letting it lie where Fido puts it. But, it doesn’t count if you leave the bag behind for someone else to pick up. You’re just adding unsightly waste to your dog’s waste along the road.
Thank you for helping keep our neighborhood safe and clean!
Loosestrife on the Loose, Too
To interested and concerned Loch Alpine naturalists, the invasive loosestrife is making a resurgence along waters in Michigan after so many worked diligently to pull it all out years ago. The Lakes Committee now asks your help to keep the (unfortunately beautiful) invasive from taking over areas along the Loch Alpine lakes. Please look for it on your walks and pull from the roots; it must be put in a secured plastic bag and put in the trash, not yard waste.