Board Journal
Board Bulletin August 29
Posted on Aug 29th, 2021

The next meeting of the LAIA Board of directors is currently scheduled as a Zoom meeting on September 8 at 6:30 PM.
Fireworks September 5
Loch Alpine Fireworks are rescheduled for Sunday, September 5 (rain date the 6th) with Family Field Day in the Park from 1 - 4 pm. Pizza and refreshments provided in the afternoon.
As a reminder, the display is launched from the Midway Dam over the upper lake, necessitating all dam access, both vehicle and pedestrian crossing, to be stopped in the early afternoon as fireworks are unloaded and the display set-up. Barricades will be set. 
  • The best viewpoints are around the upper lake, at both the Main & Rock parks and along the shoreline just off the path and on the grassy yards. (No trash left behind, please.)
  • For safety sake, no boats are allowed on the lake at the firing time. Help your fellow viewers enjoy the event - no personal fireworks, including sparklers.  The local fire department plans to have equipment on site. To aid emergency travel on streets, some parking restrictions will be installed along West Loch Alpine Drive across from the park.
  • Those driving from their homes are requested not to block street lanes when parking near the viewing locations.
  • Please follow current government guidelines for masking and distancing, as appropriate for your personal vaccination status.
Loch Alpine Lakes eColi Testing
Water sample tests for the presence and level of eColi bacteria are done twice each summer by the Lakes Committee (thanks to Cynthia Walton).  The August 5 test showed eColi/100ml of water was 11 at the upper lake boat launch and 0 at the lower lake south end. The level acceptable for swimming is 88/100ml on a single test.
Additional information is available from a professional testing company at this link:
Roads Sealcoating Update
The road maintenance chip sealcoating project left an unsatisfactory finish coat on several streets, due to rain soon after application. The areas will be recoated in mid-September. Unfortunately, this will delay the speed bump warning painting until after that.