Board Journal
Board Bulletin - Sept. 28, 2016
Posted on Sep 29th, 2016

Seasonal Reminders
  • Please be reminded that per the LA Restriction Agreements, the placement of signs on residential lots is limited to "For Sale" signs only. Other signs are not allowed in the subdivision. 
  • The Board requests that trash cans be stored out of sight in the garage or other less visible locations at the side or rear of home; that trash cans, recycling and yard waste be placed curbside no sooner than the day before collection, and that empty containers be removed promptly from street side on the same day.
  • As we approach Fall leaf gathering, please do not dump yard waste on community property, including roadside and lake shores.
  • If your lawn has recently been replanted by the Sanitary Authority workers, please consider watering the new seeds to ensure the best looking lawn this Fall. 
Check Out the New Loch Alpine Website!
The Loch Alpine Improvement Association board is pleased to announce our "new and improved" website, which is available at This new website was developed by Loch Alpine resident and LAIA Communications Committee volunteer Tom Holland, who spent more than a year researching the most effective strategies for improving our site. One of several new advantages of the new website is that it is dynamic, meaning that it can be easily navigated and viewed via cellular devices. Please watch for updates as we build out new content on the site, including a new "History of Loch Alpine" section off of the "About" page. A link to the previous website can be found on the new website, until all the content has been transferred.
Thank you, Harry, and Welcome Brian
After several years of excellent service as chair of the Roads Committee, Harry Rolfes is passing the torch to another member of the committee, Brian McCall. The LAIA Board and community is very grateful for Harry’s leadership and diligent work over the past years to keep Loch Alpine streets in good condition, particularly his work in negotiating schedules with our chip-seal contractor and monitoring the work each year. The Roads budget is the single largest component of the annual budget, and we appreciate Harry’s and the committee’s efforts to manage the funds very efficiently.
We are grateful to Brian for taking on the chair responsibilities. His many years’ experience on the committee will ensure a smooth transition in leadership. Brian’s contact information is 426-4546,  We are glad to note that Harry will continue to be part of the committee, along with Rick Haden and Bob Sendra.
Take a Hike  
This is a great time of year to enjoy the walking paths along our lakes. Thanks to the Grounds Committee for keeping the paths in good shape. Notice, too, the new steps leading down from Midway to the lower path, with a new rope railing. They are much safer and more attractive than the old steps. A special thanks to Wes Daining and Bob Sendra for designing and overseeing this wonderful improvement to the path.
Dangerous Driveway Sealcoats 
Many residents periodically have their asphalt driveways sealed or top-coated to protect the asphalt from the deteriorating effects of sun, water and salt. If you are planning to seal your driveway, avoid coal-tar sealcoats because they are potentially hazardous to human and aquatic life. They are high in polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), many of which have been identified as toxic and/or carcinogenic. The use of coal-tar sealcoats has been banned in Ann Arbor and Dexter, and other communities including Scio Township are considering the same. 
Asphalt-based sealants are much safer, as are acrylic and latex-based coatings. The slurry seal used on Loch Alpine streets is asphalt-based.  When choosing a sealant (or a contractor) to top-coat your driveway, select a safer alternative to coal tar. For more information about coal-tar sealants and safe alternatives, check out this information from WEMU-FM and the Huron River Watershed Council.  
A coal tar sealcoat scam has been taking place in the Dexter area, noted in a current alert from the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office. The name of the fake company is "Father and Sons Sealcoating". If approached by anyone representing this company who offers to provide a sealcoat job on your driveway, or if you have already been a victim of this scam, please call 911 immediately. Members of the fake company were driving a green Dodge pickup with camouflage trim.
Yes, We Count!
The United States Census Bureau is conducting survey work throughout Ann Arbor and within Loch Alpine over the next several months.  Only a small sample of household addresses will be selected to participate, but these select households will help produce the raw data utilized by economists, social scientists and policy makers throughout both our community and our country. 
The survey work is conducted under the authority of Title 13, United States Code, Section 182. Section 9 of this law requires the Census Bureau to keep all information collected strictly confidential and mandates that it may only be used for statistical purposes. 
The Field Representative assigned to work in the vicinity, David Burkholder, will display Census Bureau identification when he visits a residence. The best source of information on Census Bureau surveys can be found here.  If residents have questions, they can contact Field Supervisor Sue Ellen Ikens at (734) 846-2132, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, or email