Board Journal
Board Bulletin Sept. 5, 2020
Posted on Sep 5th, 2020

Trash Collection September 9
Due to the Labor Day holiday, GFL trash collection next week will be one day later than the usual collection day.  Trash, recycling and yard waste will be picked up on Wednesday, September 9. Trash and recycling containers and yard waste should be put out at the street no sooner than Tuesday next week.  
Non-residents Taking Advantage of Loch Alpine
Over the past few months, there has been an increase in the number of non-residents using the parks and lakes of Loch Alpine without the company of residents. They are taking fish from our lakes and visiting our parks, sometimes after dark. On a couple of occasions, late-night disturbances in the parks have awakened residents, who called the Sheriff’s Office to investigate the disturbances.
Sometimes, when a car without an LA windshield sticker is parked next to our lakes or parks, a volunteer may place a notice on the windshield with this message. Sometimes, the Sheriff’s Office will respond to calls about non-residents at the lakes or parks. We ask of all residents:
  • Put an LA windshield sticker on each of your cars, including your at-home children’s cars. This will help others to identify your cars as “resident” to Loch Alpine. If you need stickers, they can be obtained from Select Community Management by email or phone.
  • If you are aware of individuals disturbing the peace at our parks or lakes, particularly after dark, call 911 and ask the Sheriff’s Office to investigate. 
´╗┐We certainly welcome guests of our neighbors. But interlopers who are not guests should not be using our lakes and parks which are maintained by your assessment dollars. 
What’s in a Sign? A lot.
When purchasing a home in Loch Alpine, homeowners must sign a copy of the Restriction Agreement (RA), which addresses 21 aspects of living here. Whether or not we have read this document (or read it carefully), we have all agreed to abide by its contents.
Every month, LAIA’s management company assists the Board in identifying and informing residents when they are in violation of some part of this agreement. The most common of these violations is the posting of signs that aren’t allowed by the RA.  There are only two types of signs Loch Alpine residents may post on their properties for public viewing: (1) Signs may be posted to advertise a property as for sale or for rent (size limitations apply), and (2) For any home under construction, the contractor may post a sign -- but only during construction. No other signs are allowed, including signs of a personal, political, or business nature.
The Board of Directors respectfully asks members of the community to honor this restriction. Limiting signs to only what’s allowed puts us on firm ground legally (especially important in view of the current lawsuit about the former country club property) and also adds to neighborhood aesthetics and helps promote good relationships.