Board Journal
Board Bulletin September 23
Posted on Sep 23rd, 2021

Thank You, Volunteers!
The Labor Day Celebration was a great success, thanks to everyone who came out and made the day so much fun! We are very grateful to several volunteers who helped with the Family Field Day at the Park and with the evening fireworks show. Special thanks to Katie Roycroft for organizing and leading the Field Day fun, along with Paul Roycroft, Amy and Seder Burns (and daughter Penelope) for all their help with set up and clean up! Kudos to Bob Sendra for his coordination of the fireworks and set-up; Peter Logan for safety and security set-up; Mike Howell for safety and security at the launch site, and then cleaning up pyrotechnics debris on Midway the next morning; and to Jim Schulz for his assistance in traffic management and clean-up following the fireworks.  
´╗┐Also, we salute new and former resident Christopher Stilwell for “suiting up” and removing a danger to pedestrians and bicyclists of all ages -- a large hornet nest hanging near a mailbox stand on Midway.
New Fire Station Open House
For over two decades Webster Township has planned to have a fully staffed fire station to respond to emergencies in our Township. The parcel next door to the Township Hall on Webster-Church Road was purchased years ago with the purpose of providing a location for the station. The Township Board created a Capital Improvement Fund to provide funding for the construction of the building; therefore, no new taxes or bonds to build it!
The station is now complete. On Saturday, September 25, there will be an open house from 10 am to 2 pm, with a dedication ceremony at approximately 10:30 am, outside, weather permitting. Refreshments will be available. Please wear a mask and take the opportunity to tour your new facility.
Ditches and Culverts
Keeping Loch Alpine ditches and culverts clean of branches and leaves, is the responsibility of individual residents, and it benefits the entire community by allowing correct storm water flow. At times in the past, clogged ditches and culverts have caused water to back up onto the streets--especially problematic in freezing temps that cause icy and dangerous conditions for drivers and pedestrians. As part of your routine lawn maintenance and fall clean-up, please remove and dispose of leaves and debris from ditches and also clear as much debris as possible from culverts adjacent to your lot. The Board and our entire neighborhood thank you.