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You can find valuable resources on our website's Documents page.  
Are you interested in learning about our lakes or how to reserve the Park Pavilion? Want to check out the Resident Directory? Maybe review 17 years of board meeting minutes?
The documents page has a wealth of information for our community!

   Upcoming Events   
LAIA Monthly Board Meeting
Wednesday, March 13th
The next LAIA Board meeting will be Wednesday, March 13, at 6:30 pm online via Zoom conferencing. Residents who are interested in attending the meeting should request the Zoom access link from the Board, email board@lochalpine.org.
LAIA Annual Meeting
Monday, March 18th, 7:30 pm at Webster Township Hall
Mark your calendars… Loch Alpine’s annual meeting for Association Members will be held Monday, March 18, beginning at 7:30 pm (sign in starts at 7:00 pm). The meeting will be held in person at Webster Township Hall -- contingent on public health conditions at that time. Voting may also be done by absentee ballot. Twenty days prior, members will receive the Annual Meeting packet including your ballot with instructions and proxy option, meeting agenda, budget and assessment information, Director candidates, and year-end Committee reports.

   Board Journal   
Board Bulletin February 24
Posted on Feb 24th, 2024
LAIA Annual Meeting Set for March 18
Loch Alpine’s annual meeting for Association Members will be held Monday, March 18, beginning at 7:30 pm (sign in starts at 7:00 pm). The meeting will be held in person at Webster Township Hall -- contingent on public health conditions at that time. Voting can be done at the meeting or by absentee ballot. All ballots must be signed.  

Members should be receiving the meeting packet, which includes your Ballot with Proxy option, as well as the agenda, summary budget, candidates for Board of Directors, year-end reports from LAIA committees, and more. This year, the proposed annual assessment is $825.00. There are four openings for directors. Please read the meeting materials before casting your votes for the assessment and Board candidates. (Casting your vote puts you in the pool for one of two 50% waivers off the annual assessment!) Also, the committee reports will provide good information on all the important work done for your neighborhood by resident volunteers.
Early voting is welcome and encouraged! For your convenience, ballots may be mailed to Select Community Management; or scanned and emailed to SCM at management@thecondopros.com; or sent by fax to (734) 663-0809, or dropped off at one of three Loch Alpine addresses listed on the ballot. Absentee ballots must be received by March 15. If you have not received your Annual Meeting packet, contact SCM at (734) 663-1900. A copy of the meeting packet and ballot are posted in the password-protected part of the DOCUMENTS section on the LAIA website.
Do Not Leave Valuables in Your Car
Loch Alpine is usually a safe and secure neighborhood. But now and then, there are incidents of theft from vehicles parked in driveways. Prevent an opportunity of crime by removing valuables from your car, especially phones, laptops or tablets, wallets or purses. If you park your car in the driveway, lock its doors to deter thieves from accessing the trunk or cargo area, glove compartment and garage door opener.

Yard Waste Pick-Up to Begin April 2.
Please do not place yard bags or bundled limbs and branches at the street until April 1.

Seeking Candidates for LAIA Board
Posted on Jan 16th, 2024
Seeking Director Candidates for term beginning April 2024
The Board of Directors manages the assets and finances of the Loch Alpine community for the Members. Directors serve a 2-year term of office. Candidates are elected (or re-elected) and announced at the March Annual Meeting. This year, there are 4 Director openings to be filled. As the LAIA By-Laws specify that 2 candidates should be presented for each opening, we encourage Association Members to consider running for the Board. It’s a limited amount of time required: a monthly 2-1⁄2 hour meeting plus regular email correspondence to discuss issues and conduct business. If you can devote a bit more time and energy, you might lead a committee or a special project.
We hope you’ll consider -- it may be your time to help manage our unique neighborhood. Many of you have moved into Loch Alpine in just the past few years. You may have new ideas to make the community more welcoming and active for residents young and old. You may have lived here a while and now have time to devote to help manage Association properties and initiatives.
By February 5, please contact LAIA Board of Directors President Brian Daugherty, president@lochalpine.org, (734) 756-0442, or any current Board Director, board@lochalpine.org, to discuss this opportunity. Add your name to the list of many special Loch Alpine volunteers. Your friends and neighbors will thank you.
Winter Road Safety
Those out walking on streets in non-daylight and snowfall times should have reflective clothing and/or lights to be seen by motorists. With snow plow/salt truck drivers concentrating on the road surface in front of and at the side of the truck, a walker or jogger is almost impossible to see without reflective and illumination gear.
Residents are advised (and must advise their driveway plowing contractor) that snow cleared from their driveways should not be piled onto the street, to prevent it being plowed into an adjacent driveway or left as an obstacle on the street.  Residents may place reflective stakes along their front yard road edges about 12" back to help protect the grass from plow blades.

Community Connection
Looking to make Community Connections...
The Social Committee has compiled a list of Babysitters/Pet-sitters within Loch Alpine. The link can be found on the Directory page, in the password protected section of our website. If you would like to add someone to the list please contact social@lochalpine.org
The Bi-Annual Loch Alpine Lore is always looking for new content from our neighbors: 
Follow this link to our GoogleForm and find the applicable box.  This will help us create content for our e-newsletter as well as the website.
An Open Letter to Dog Owners
Most of you leash your dogs while walking them on Loch Alpine streets, parks and pathways. The entire Loch Alpine community thanks you for being law-abiding and courteous in this way.
To those who sometimes take your dog off leash, we have a short but earnest request: Please don’t. Even good dogs need to be leashed at all times.
  • Dog owners who always leash their dogs even when they wish they didn’t have to
  • Neighbors who are frightened by unleashed dogs -- even “friendly” ones
  • Dogs who tend to be frightened by other dogs (or act aggressively toward them) 
  • The animals, birds, and other wildlife with whom we share this special place.
Respectfully yours,
The Loch Alpine Board of Directors

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The Loch Alpine Award
The Loch Alpine Award was established by the Loch Alpine Improvement Association to recognize a person or persons who have demonstrated Exemplary efforts, Commitment and Dedication to the Loch Alpine Community.
In recognition and appreciation of his exemplary efforts to the community, the Loch Alpine Board has selected John Posch for the 2023 Loch Alpine Award.  John has been on the Grounds Committee for many years and quickly started contributing right from the start…building and painting emergency ladders for our lakes, installing our boulder sign lights, assisting with the sanding and re-staining of our picnic tables, fixing our park water fountain whenever it had leaks. Last year he recruited Tom Bellisario and led two great projects, building a large new sandbox for our playground (later adding a sun cover as well) and fixed our Rock Park fence which had been an eye sore for many years. John also volunteered for a Lakes Committee project and installed the 4 life rings around our lakes.  He has also been an active participant on the Communications Committee. 
The Loch Alpine Improvement Association is proud to have honored recipients of the Loch Alpine Award since 2001 (prior to 2013, the award was designated the Sendra Award).  The previous recipients can be found here.