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   Upcoming Events   
LAIA Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, December 9th, 6:30PM at Virtual via Zoom
Regular monthly meeting of the Loch Alpine Improvement Association (LAIA) Board of Directors. Please email board@lochalpine.org if you are interested in joining the meeting.
LAIA Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, January 13th, 6:30PM at Virtual via Zoom
Regular monthly meeting of the Loch Alpine Improvement Association (LAIA) Board of Directors. Please email board@lochalpine.org if you are interested in joining the meeting.
LAIA Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, February 10th, 6:30PM at Virtual via Zoom
Regular monthly meeting of the Loch Alpine Improvement Association (LAIA) Board of Directors. Please email board@lochalpine.org if you are interested in joining the meeting.
LAIA Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, March 10th, 6:30PM at Virtual via Zoom
Regular monthly meeting of the Loch Alpine Improvement Association (LAIA) Board of Directors. Please email board@lochalpine.org if you are interested in joining the meeting.

   Board Journal   
Board Bulletin November 5
Posted on Nov 5th, 2020
Staying Safe on Loch Alpine Streets in Winter
The LAIA Roads Committee and winter roads maintenance contractors urge residents to observe the safety guidelines below.
  • Pedestrians are strongly urged to wear some reflective clothing and/or wearable lights to make themselves (and their dogs) clearly visible. This is especially important during hours of darkness and in heavy snow. Since the drivers who plow our roads must concentrate on the road surface in front of their trucks while also driving safely, such enhanced visibility is very important.
  • It’s also especially important in winter (and throughout the year) for pedestrians to walk on the left side of the road that has you facing oncoming traffic. By observing this rule, pedestrians are in a far better position to keep themselves safe.
  • Any resident who hires a private contractor to clear their driveway of snow should instruct the contractor that removed snow should not be plowed into an adjacent neighbor’s driveway or left in the street.
  • ´╗┐Owners who wish to protect their grass from plow blades may want to place reflective marker ‘sticks” about twelve inches back from the edges of their front yards.
Ditches and Culverts
Keeping Loch Alpine ditches and culverts clean, which is the responsibility of individual residents, benefits the entire community by allowing correct storm water flow and keeping debris from washing into the lakes. At times in the past, debris in ditches and culverts has also caused water to back up onto the streets--especially problematic in freezing temps that cause icy and dangerous conditions for drivers and pedestrians. As part of your fall clean-up, please remove and dispose of leaves and debris from ditches and also clear as much debris as possible from culverts adjacent to your lot. The Board and our entire neighborhood thank you. 
Board Bulletin Sept. 29
Posted on Sep 29th, 2020
Halloween During the Pandemic
In keeping with guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Loch Alpine Board of Directors is not scheduling a neighborhood trick-or treat nor sponsoring any Halloween activities, and recommends against trick or treating from door to door this year, which is among the activities the CDC considers as “high risk.” Also included in the high-risk category are “attending crowded, indoor costume parties, visiting indoor haunted houses or going on hayrides or tractor rides with strangers.”
This doesn’t mean, however, that children (and big kids alike) can’t celebrate Halloween at all. Among activities the CDC identifies as low-risk activities are carving pumpkins and decorating one’s home, outdoor scavenger hunts, virtual costume contests and hosting a movie night with household [or pod] members. The CDC also describes moderately risky activities, with more information online: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/holidays.html#halloween.
Another important piece of CDC guidance is not to use a costume mask as a substitute for a cloth mask unless it meets the same standards, and also not to wear a costume mask over a cloth mask, which can make it hard to breathe.  The LAIA Board asks everyone to make the health and well-being of our community a priority in making decisions about Halloween and other upcoming holidays. Together, we can protect ourselves and each other during this challenging time.
Water Meter Replacement to Begin in October
Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority (LASA) has contracted with PMI to install new water meters in every home served by LASA. The new meters will provide more accurate readings of water usage, and they will be read remotely from outside. You will be receiving a flyer in the mail from PMI , asking you to call them and set up an appointment date and time for the new meter installation. You must be home to let the contractor in the house. The time required in the house is 15 to 20 minutes. Another 15 minutes outside the house to set up the antenna (in the same location as the current outdoor transmitter). Please make sure you respond to the flyer and call PMI to set up the installation appointment.  Please refer to the Water/Sewer section on this website. Click on the FAQ for more information.
Safety & Security Committee Needs a Few Good People 
The LAIA Board of Directors is looking for a few people to revitalize the Safety & Security Committee. The members of this group serve as a contact for residents to report concerns about traffic safety in Loch Alpine, the use of our parks and grounds by non-residents, and any other matters related to safety and security. This includes activities that occur on Ann Arbor Country Club property. Committee members keep the community informed about safety and security topics, and they call law enforcement to ask for assistance and information. Residents are encouraged to call 911 directly to report suspicious activity in Loch Alpine.  To volunteer or learn more, write to safety@lochalpine.org.    
LAIA Website Registration and Password Help
The LAIA website is full of useful and important information about our community. Some of the website pages are password protected, accessible only to Members who have registered accounts on the website.  
To create a new Member account on the LAIA website, a resident should click on the Register link at the top right corner of the main page, and then fill out the registration page and click Continue to complete the registration process. Once you complete your submission you will see a page that states: Your Registration is Complete. Your login details will be emailed to the email address you provided, once your account is approved by the [website] administrator.
For members who have forgotten their account or password, they can go to the Login page and click on the Forgot Password or Forgot Username links.

Community Connection
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The Loch Alpine Award
The Loch Alpine Award was established by the Loch Alpine Improvement Association to recognize a person or persons who have demonstrated Exemplary efforts, Commitment and Dedication to the Loch Alpine Community.
In 2020, two members of the community were recognized:
  • Sue Inderhees and her family have lived in Loch Alpine since 1997. As a Mom's Play Group member, she became active in neighborhood social affairs, managing the Christmas season luminaries as an annual fundraiser for the playground initiative. For the past 15 years, Sue has been the coordinator/manager of the annual Loch Alpine Neighborhood Yard Sale. With her help, the advertising and finances are placed, the Members informed, and Boy Scout Troop 477 connected to collect the unsold left-overs for their benefit rummage sale. Thank you, Sue, for your wonderful service and for keeping our homes and garages neater, cleaner and better organized.
  • Linda is a long-time resident who raised a family here.  She served on the Board of Directors several years ago, and was elected last year for another term on the Board.  Her knowledge of law and litigation has been invaluable to the Board during the lawsuit over the country club property.  Someone who can engage with our attorneys and interpret pleadings and briefs! In addition, Linda joined the Grounds and Communications committees, making contributions such as editing and refining the Loch Alpine welcome packet for new homeowners. Thanks to Linda as she transitions to a life in Oregon to be near her family there.
The Loch Alpine Improvement Association is proud to have honored recipients of the Loch Alpine Award since 2001 (prior to 2013, the award was designated the Sendra Award). 
The previous recipients can be found here.