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   Upcoming Events   
Loch Alpine Independence Day Celebration
Saturday, June 29th, 12:30pm - 4:00pm at Rock Park, Loch Alpine Park
Loch Alpine Independence Day Celebration includes bike decorating at Rock Park, a Bike Parade down Bridgeway to Loch Alpine Park, where an afternoon of fun family-friendly activities are planned. Pizza, sno-cones, cake! In the evening Fireworks will be set off from Midway.

   Board Journal   
Board Bulletin April 25
Posted on Apr 25th, 2024
Now is the Time to Pull Garlic Mustard
Removing Garlic Mustard is very important NOW for homeowners and around all Loch Alpine property. Please help your LA Lakes Committee and your neighbors in our essential annual project to control some highly invasive wild plants seen now emerging in our parks and roadsides, yards, wooded lots and gardens: Garlic Mustard, Hedge Parsley, Bittercress and Motherwort. These nasty plants do “take over” if not pulled now, the time before seeding, and especially easy to pull while the “tap roots” aren’t established. Best not to spray with herbicides, in order to save surrounding beneficial vegetation, bee and butterfly habitats, and our lakes.
Although in past years the work was done the first weekend in May with a kickoff at the pavilion, this year the plants are ahead of schedule and there is no time for delay. This is the proper time to pull them out – before flowering, seeds and spreading. The roots must be removed from the ground, not left to seed out after pulling. The Lakes Committee has identified common areas where invasives are growing now that we can work to clear. When you see them, please yank out and bag! If you compost, shred or separate the roots from the leaves and flowers so they won’t re-grow. 
LAIA Annual Assessment Invoices
Invoices were mailed out last week. The $825 payment is due by May 28 and must be received no later than June 6 in order to avoid a late fee.
If you did not receive an invoice, or have any billing questions, please contact Jenna Kidder at Select Community Management (jkidder@thecondopros.com). If anyone needs a special payment plan to meet their assessment obligation, these can be requested either through contacting LAIA’s Treasurer or Select Community Management.

Community Connection
Looking to make Community Connections...
The Social Committee has compiled a list of Babysitters/Pet-sitters within Loch Alpine. The link can be found on the Directory page, in the password protected section of our website. If you would like to add someone to the list please contact social@lochalpine.org
The Bi-Annual Loch Alpine Lore is always looking for new content from our neighbors: 
Follow this link to our GoogleForm and find the applicable box.  This will help us create content for our e-newsletter as well as the website.
An Open Letter to Dog Owners
Most of you leash your dogs while walking them on Loch Alpine streets, parks and pathways. The entire Loch Alpine community thanks you for being law-abiding and courteous in this way.
To those who sometimes take your dog off leash, we have a short but earnest request: Please don’t. Even good dogs need to be leashed at all times.
  • Dog owners who always leash their dogs even when they wish they didn’t have to
  • Neighbors who are frightened by unleashed dogs -- even “friendly” ones
  • Dogs who tend to be frightened by other dogs (or act aggressively toward them) 
  • The animals, birds, and other wildlife with whom we share this special place.
Respectfully yours,
The Loch Alpine Board of Directors

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The Loch Alpine Award
The Loch Alpine Award was established by the Loch Alpine Improvement Association to recognize a person or persons who have demonstrated Exemplary efforts, Commitment and Dedication to the Loch Alpine Community.
In recognition and appreciation of her exemplary efforts for the community, the Loch Alpine Board has selected Janet Torno for the 2024 Loch Alpine Award.  She has generously donated her time welcoming Loch Alpine newcomers for many years.  With a greeting card and a call, a home visit to present a LA Welcoming Mug and making sure they have received the Newcomers Welcome Package, Janet provides information that new residents should know about living in our neighborhood. She answers questions they may have and offers suggestions based on her many years  enjoying living here and also being very active in both Ann Arbor and University of Michigan life. Her spouse, Randy, was a recipient of the award in 2019.
Thank you, Janet!
The Loch Alpine Improvement Association is proud to have honored recipients of the Loch Alpine Award since 2001 (prior to 2013, the award was designated the Sendra Award).  The previous recipients can be found here.