Board & Committees
Loch Alpine Board of Directors
President Brian Daugherty
Vice President Glenda Haskell
Secretary Dave Stockson
Treasurer Lucy Cohen
Board Member Robert Sendra
Board Member Roger Fraser
Board Member Dino Anastasia

Loch Alpine Committees
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Chair &
Board Liaison
E-mail Addresses
Architectural Control
Rick Reichman (co-chair)
Jim Schultz (co-chair)
Grounds Robert Sendra (chair)
Lakes & Dams
Robert Sendra (co-chair)
Peter Logan (co-chair)
Roads Brian McCall (chair)
Robert Sendra (liaison)
Safety & Security
Roger Fraser (chair)
Social Katie Roycroft (chair)
Glenda Haskell (liaison)
Sheila Waterhouse (chair)
Dino Anastasia (liaison)
Peter Logan (chair)
Brian Daugherty (liaison)

Affiliated Organizations
Water and Sewer (LASA) David Navarre