LASA  The Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority (LASA) is a public utility providing water and sewer services to the communities of Loch Alpine, Glen Devon and North Delhi Hills. LASA operates totally independent of LAIA. The LASA Board is made up of three Trustees from both Scio and Webster Townships and a representative selected by the LAIA Board.
Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority (LASA)
827 N.Zeeb Rd.  Ann Arbor, MI. 48103
Email: jlivernois@fv-operations.com
For water or sewer emergencies (backups or leaks) call ..........................................248.433.8904  NEW
For operations/non-emergencies (next business day response) call …………………… 517.715.9739  NEW
For Account Management/Billing (office hours M-F, 5-8 p.m)………………..................734.433.0835
Operations Contractor: F&V Operations and Resource Management, Inc (FVOP)
Plant Operators: Ryan McMahon, p. 734.626.0846, Shane Parquette, p. 269.338.5435
Operator-in-Charge: Jerry Livernois, p. 517.715.9739; Regional Manager: Matthew Hosier, p. 260.409.5902
Accounts/Billing Manager: Sandy Egeler (segeler@sciotownship.org)
Chairperson/LAIA Representative on LASA Board: David Navarre (david_e_navarre@yahoo.com)
LASA Board members:
    Barbara Calleja   Webster Twp Clerk              Jessica Flintoft          Scio Twp Clerk
    John Kingsley     Webster Twp Supervisor      Will Hathaway           Scio Twp Supervisor
    John Westman    Webster Twp Trustee           Patrick McLaughlin   Scio Twp appointee
Water meter replacement Update (1/19/21)
The Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority Board held a meeting on January 11 to develop a plan to complete the new water meter installation project.
First of all we thank the 499 customers who scheduled the meter installation in spite of the pandemic. Most people say that it took around 15 minutes inside their home and that they did not feel threatened by exposure to the virus.
The remaining approximately 60 homeowners have yet to schedule an installation. The LASA plan is to move the contractor off site as of January 11th, with the intent of returning the week of May 17th  to install the remaining meters and clean up all loose ends within a one week period. The LASA Board encourages the remaining 60 homeowners to call and schedule their appointment as May approaches and/or post cards are received. The 60 homeowners will receive a postcard about 3 weeks prior to the scheduled installations requesting they call to setup their appointment.  When you get the notice/post card call (866.965.0657) to schedule your appointment. Click on the FAQ in the next column for more info.
New water meter readings were used for January billing cycle where available (90% of users). The results were good and bad.
The good news is the new meters appear to be working as advertised and making more accurate meter readings and data was easily collected.
The bad news is the new meters appear to be working as advertised and making more accurate meter readings, and some customer’s water bills have doubled since last quarter. If you are one of those customers who have seen your water bill increase, LASA suggests you educate yourself on the new meter and how it can help you manage your water usage and even find leaks in your plumbing system. To find new meter information, click here, or on the new meter information in the Documents column below.
January bill rates - not raised!  For those with new meters installed during the quarter, their January bill was a sum of the readings from the old meter and the new meter. The LASA software package calculated the total dollar value for both readings, but only showed the usage units for the new meter on the bill. Hence the rates appeared to be higher. This was not the case. FYI current LASA rates are posted in the Documents column below.

LASA Notes

LASA Documents

Jun 2021 - 2020 Water quality report posted - see documents on right
Jun 2021 - Water Hydrant flushing will be conducted during the first week of June
Feb 2021 - New Meter installation.....
and information on the new meters and how they can help you manage your water usage are included in the documents in the right column.
Jan 2021 - PFAS Testing results
The results of testing conducted indicated no PFAS detected in our water system. For additional information click on the PFAS testing results in the adjacent column.
Sept 2020 - Water meter replacement to begin in October
You will be receiving a flyer in the mail from PMI (the installing contractor). They will be asking you to call them and set up an appointment date and time for the new meter installation. You must be home to let the contractor in the house. Click on the the FAQ in the next column for more info.
August 2020 - Election year brings new LASA Supervisor
Jack Knowles the current LASA Board chairperson is stepping down from his current position as Scio Twp. Supervisor. We thank Jack for all his efforts and will be welcoming a new chairperson after the first of the year.
August 2020 - Water meter replacement contract executed
Expect to see meter replacement in Oct-Dec 2020. The program will be funded by LASA and costs will be recovered by the new meter readings. Replacing the old water meters will require access to the house. More details to follow as the schedule is finalized and all materials are in stock. The process will take about 3 months. Look for more information to follow on this website
May 2020 - 2019 Water Quality Report issued
April 2020 - LASA New Operations Contractor same accounts manager
With the new Operations Contractor where do I send my bill payment? Answer: The bills are processed by the same accts mgr (Sandy) and are to be sent to the same LASA address.
Sept. 2018 - Do we have PFAS in our water system?  The State of Michigan has hired a contractor to sample all public water supplies in Michigan for PFAS.  Our water was sampled in August.  The results of testing conducted indicated no PFAS detected in our water system. For additional information click on the PFAS testing results in the adjacent column.
June 2018 - LASA Documents added
We have added the 2017 Water Quality Report and other documents to address frequently asked questions of our customers. The next column contains the list of documents. Just click on on the file name you want to open/read.

Next Operations meeting
06/11/21  9am  @ on Zoom

Next Board meeting
06/28/21  7pm  @  on Zoom 

LASA Rules and Regulations

2021 LASA Meeting Schedule

2020 Water Quality report

2019 Water Quality Report

2018 Water Quality Report