LASA  The Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority (LASA) is a public utility providing water and sewer services to the communities of Loch Alpine, Glen Devon and North Delhi Hills. LASA operates totally independent of LAIA. The LASA Board is made up of three Trustees from both Scio and Webster Townships and a representative selected by the LAIA Board.
Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority (LASA)
827 N.Zeeb Rd.  Ann Arbor, MI. 48103
Ph: 734.369.9400          Email: jlivernois@fv-operations.com
For water or sewer emergencies (backups or leaks) call ..............................248.433.8904  NEW
For non-emergencies (next business day response) call …………………… 517.715.9739  NEW
For Account Management/Billing (office hours M-F, 5-8 p.m)………………...734.433.0835
Operations Contractor: F&V Operations and Resource Management, Inc (FVOP)
Plant Operators: Ryan McMahon, p. 734.626.0846, Shane Parquette, p. 269.338.5435
Operator-in-Charge: Jerry Livernois, p. 517.715.9739; Regional Manager: Matthew Hosier, p. 260.409.5902
Chairman of the LASA Board: Jack Knowles (jknowles@sciotownship.org)
Accounts/Billing Manager: Sandy Egeler (segeler@sciotownship.org)
LAIA Representative on LASA Board: David Navarre (david_e_navarre@yahoo.com)
April 2020 – There’s a new operator in LA
F&V Operations and Resource Management, Inc (FVOP) is the new contract operator for the LASA, starting April 1. The partnership ushers in a new era of customer service for water and sewer users. FVOP’s Group Manager Blair Selover announced the new team that is led by Operator-in-Charge Jerry Livernois. “We’re excited about this opportunity and look forward to providing great customer service and efficient and enhanced operations procedures that extend the useful life of the LASA utilities,” Selover said. “The staff is quickly learning your system operations and LASA has been very helpful prior to starting this transition period.” FVOP is a subsidiary of Fleis & VandenBrink (F&V) and provides operations assistance, management and training throughout Michigan and Indiana for municipal, industrial and environmental systems. FVOP, which started in 2011, supports its staff through training and on-going certifications to enhance their professional development and keep up with the ever-changing state and federal regulations. It currently has 65 employees and is headquartered in Grand Rapids.
To all Utility customers:
FVOP plays a vital health role for you and downtime is not an option. We are reaching out to you today to let you know that FVOP is taking action to ensure our ability to respond to emergencies during this Coronavirus pandemic. We want to assure you that we will provide fast responses in emergencies and that skilled staff will be available 24-7, 365 days year.
We are also taking some additional actions during the Coronavirus pandemic.
  1. We have temporarily stopped entering residential homes for non-emergency needs such as water meter replacement, installations, reads and repairs to minimize the spread to our healthy staff.
  2. Our water and wastewater plants will no longer accept visits from non-essential personnel. Gates and doors will be locked.
  3. We have done contingency planning in the event that several of our Operations staff are away from work due to the pandemic. We will maintain critical operations and use staff from other parts of our firm or subcontract work if necessary. In the event this happens, we appreciate your patience as we work through any issues that may arise.
If you have additional concerns, contact Jerry Livernois, Operator-in-Charge, or any of the other operators.

LASA Notes

LASA Documents

August 2020 - Election year brings new LASA Supervisor
Jack Knowles the current LASA Board chairperson is stepping down from his current position as Scio Twp. Supervisor. We thank Jack for all his efforts and will be welcoming a new chairperson after the first of the year.
August 2020 - Water meter replacement contract executed
Expect to see meter replacement in Oct-Dec 2020. The program will be funded by LASA and costs will be recovered by the new meter readings. Replacing the old water meters will require access to the house. More details to follow as the schedule is finalized and all materials are in stock. The process will take about 3 months. Look for more information to follow on this website
May 2020 - 2019 Water Quality Report issued
April 2020 - LASA New Operations Contractor same accounts manager
With the new Operations Contractor where do I send my bill payment? Answer: The bills are processed by the same accts mgr (Sandy) and are to be sent to the same LASA address.
March 2020 - Plant operations contractor is closing its doors at the end of March 2020. - LASA is contracting with a new operator, F&V Operations, and planning to provide a smooth transition of operations work. The Emergency number will be changing. LASA will keep the old number for a year and create a message on the old number referring to the new emergency number as soon as the new number is available. Refer to this website for more info/updates as they become available.
Sept. 2018 - Do we have PFAS in our water system?  The State of Michigan has hired a contractor to sample all public water supplies in Michigan for PFAS.  Our water was sampled in August.  The results of testing conducted indicated no PFAS detected in our water system. For additional information click on the PFAS testing results in the adjacent column.
June 2018 - LASA Documents added
We have added the 2017 Water Quality Report and other documents to address frequently asked questions of our customers. The next column contains the list of documents. Just click on on the file name you want to open/read.

Next Operations meeting
09/25/20  9am  @ Scio Twp Hall

Next Board meeting
10/05/20  7pm  @  Webster Twp Hall 

LASA Rules and Regulations

2020 LASA Meeting Schedule

2019 Water Quality Report

2018 Water Quality Report