LASA  The Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority (LASA) is a public utility providing water and sewer services to the communities of Loch Alpine, Glen Devon and North Delhi Hills. LASA operates totally independent of LAIA. The LASA Board is made up of three Trustees from both Scio and Webster Townships and a representative selected by the LAIA Board.
Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority (LASA)
827 N.Zeeb Rd.  Ann Arbor, MI. 48103
Email:  Operations LASAPlant@lasawater.org (revised 7/8/23)
              Accounts Mgr. LASABilling@lasawater.org (revised 7/8/23)
For water or sewer emergencies (backups or leaks) call ....................................248.433.8904  
For operations/non-emergencies (next business day response) call ……………. 517.673.9369 
For Account Management/Billing (next business day response)……………….......888.269.1059 (NEW 6/27/23)
Operations Contractor: F&V Operations and Resource Management, Inc (FVOP)
Operator-in-Charge: Brandon Damon, c. 517.673.9369; Area Manager: James Green, c. 734.652.7374
Accounts/Billing Manager: The Woodhill Group, Michael Lesich c. 888.269.1059
Chairperson/LAIA Representative on LASA Board: David Navarre (david_e_navarre@yahoo.com)
LASA Board members:
    Barbara Calleja   Webster Twp Clerk              Jessica Flintoft          Scio Twp Clerk
    John Kingsley     Webster Twp Supervisor      Jillian Kerry           Scio Twp Trustee
    John Westman    Webster Twp Trustee           Patrick McLaughlin   Scio Twp Appointee
LASA has a new Accounts Manager effective July 1, 2023
Effective July 1,2023 LASA has hired the Woodhill Group to manage all accounts. Refer to the contact information above. As a result a new website has been created which includes an email address to contact the account manager. LASA will be updating all of its Documents noted below to reflect the changes.
Manual meter readers please take note - The old email address has been shutdown and any meter readings sent to the old email address was not received by LASA. Please forward your meter readings for July to the new address noted above. LASA is working on options available to address the meter battery failures.
Emergency Contact List  - The recent (November 2022) water main break had LASA customers requesting a quicker response/updates in emergency situations. The website will be updated and LASA is developing an emergency plan that will include notifying customers directly via email. Customers wishing to be notified directly are required to submit the following contact information to: LASA Accts/Billing Mgr., email address above;  Subject line: LASA EMDatabase;  NAME; ADDRESS; EMAIL; CELL PHONE.

LASA Notes

LASA Documents

Jan 3, 2024 - House fire, watermain break and boil water advisory issued
July 2023 - LASA hires new Accts. Mgr.
April 2023 - Water Quality report posted
Dec 7, 2022 - Leaking valve at WLA Dr and Aberdeen Dr to be repaired
Nov 17, 2022 - Watermain break at ELA Dr. and Aberdeen Dr.
Sept 19, 2022 - Hydrant flushing to begin
May 31 2022 - Scio Twp office hours changed to 8am to 4pm
April 2022 - 2021 Water Quality report posted
Nov 2021 -  LASA Operations personnel change - Effective 11/18/21 Brandon Damon will be the operator in charge for LASA operations. The numbers above have been changed to reflect this personnel change. Please note the new phone number and email address to use for next business day (non-emergency) response.
Jun 2021 - 2020 Water quality report posted - see documents on right
Jun 2021 - Water Hydrant flushing will be conducted during the first week of June - If you have dirty water, LASA recommends you flush your piping thru the hose bibbs. Do not go thru your softener. The water should clear in 5-10 minutes.
Jun 2021 - 541 HOs have new water meters installed/ 21 to go
Feb 2021 - New Meter installation.....
and information on the new meters and how they can help you manage your water usage are included in the documents in the right column.
Jan 2021 - PFAS Testing results
The results of testing conducted indicated no PFAS detected in our water system. For additional information click on the PFAS testing results in the adjacent column.
Sept 2020 - Water meter replacement to begin in October
You will be receiving a flyer in the mail from PMI (the installing contractor). They will be asking you to call them and set up an appointment date and time for the new meter installation. You must be home to let the contractor in the house. Click on the the FAQ in the next column for more info.
May 2020 - 2019 Water Quality Report issued
April 2020 - LASA New Operations Contractor same accounts manager
With the new Operations Contractor where do I send my bill payment? Answer: The bills are processed by the same accts mgr (Sandy) and are to be sent to the same LASA address.
Sept. 2018 - Do we have PFAS in our water system?  The State of Michigan has hired a contractor to sample all public water supplies in Michigan for PFAS.  Our water was sampled in August.  The results of testing conducted indicated no PFAS detected in our water system. For additional information click on the PFAS testing results in the adjacent column.

Next Operations meeting
Refer to meeting schedule in LASA Documents

Next Board meeting
The LASA Board meeting is Mon April 1, 2024 at 5pm at Scio Twp Hall and Zoom... 

LASA Rules and Regulations

2024 LASA Contact List

2024 LASA Meeting Schedule

2023 Water Quality report

2022 Water Quality report

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