LASA  The Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority (LASA) is a public utility providing water and sewer services to the communities of Loch Alpine, Glen Devon and North Delhi Hills. LASA operates totally independent of LAIA. The LASA Board is made up of three Trustees from both Scio and Webster Townships and a representative selected by the LAIA Board.
Loch Alpine Sanitary Authority (LASA)
827 N.Zeeb Rd.  Ann Arbor, MI. 48103
Ph: 734.369.9400    Email: LASA@MagnumPS.com
For water or sewer emergencies (backups or leaks) call ..............................1-800.776.1731 (24 hr pager)
For non-emergencies (next business day response) call the Plant Operator at ...734.426.4545
For Account Management/Billing (office hours M-F, 5-8pm)..............................734.433.0835
Operations Contractor: Magnum Plant Services Inc. Plant Operator: David Ruhlig (david.ruhlig@magnumps.com) Manager: Dan Geyer (dan.geyer@magnumps.com)
Chairman of the LASA Board: Jack Knowles (jknowles@sciotownship.org)
Accounts/Billing Manager: Sandy Egeler (segeler@sciotownship.org)
LAIA Representative on LASA Board: David Navarre (david_e_navarre@yahoo.com)

LASA Notes

LASA Documents

Plant operations contractor is closing its doors at the end of June 2020. - LASA is developing a replacement plan to hire a new operator and provide a smooth transition of operations work.
June 2019 - Water meter replacement plan is under development. Expect to see meter replacement in 2020. The program will be funded by LASA and costs will be recovered by the new meter readings.
Sept. 2018 - Annual sewer inspection, cleaning and restoration has begun on 9/24/18.     No  interruption of service is anticipated. 
Sept. 2018 - Do we have PFAS in our water system?  The State of Michigan has hired a contractor to sample all public water supplies in Michigan for PFAS.  Our water was sampled in August.  The results of testing conducted indicated no PFAS detected in our water system. For additional information click on the PFAS testing results in the adjacent column.
June 2018 - LASA Documents added
We have added the 2017 Water Quality Report and other documents to address frequently asked questions of our customers. The next column contains the list of documents. Just click on on the file name you want to open/read.
March 2018 - Spring sewer cleaning
Spring is around the corner . The daylight hours are longer and the tree roots are growing. We have already experienced one sewer backup this year that can be traced to tree roots blocking the sewer. Remember the homeowner is responsible for maintaining the sewer lead from the house to the sewer in the street. If you have trees in the area of the house lead or have experienced problems in the past, periodical cleaning of the house lead is recommended. The cost of a cleaning is much less than an emergency call and cleanup after a sewer backup.
January 2018 - Water main project is completed and new rates have been established to pay back the 20 year loan. Thanks to all our customers for their patience in working through all of the construction issues and concerns. The new water rates were provided in your January bill. The new rates take effect January 1. You will see the increase in your April bill which covers the January though March time period.

Next Operations meeting
10/07/19  9am  @ Scio Twp Hall

Next Board meeting
09/13/19  7pm  @  Web Twp Hall

LASA Rules and Regulations

2019 LASA Meeting Schedule

2018 Water Quality Report