Grounds Committee
The Grounds Committee is responsible for all of Loch Alpine's common areas inclusive of lawn care, roadside & dam trimming, vegetation control, tree care, entrances, path maintenance, park/playground maintenance and equipment, and mailbox stands & boxes.
Chair:  Robert Sendra (

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Grounds Committee Report - June 2016
Committee: Lucy Cohen, Gregg Heidebrink, Stu Snyder,  Allison Bishop, Steve DiGiuseppe,
Bob Sendra (Chair)
Recent meeting: May 16, 2016
Job 1. Mowing. On weekly schedule. Greenook Blvd not looking good due to grass matting.
Job 2/3. Roadside/dam trimming.
3X/season roadside trimming plus extra width at Club properties completed. Acceptable.
Dam face/spillway trimming scheduled for June.
Job 4. Vegetation control.
Most  “brush-back” and trimming areas highlighted for LNJ work are completed.  
Job 5. Tree care.
Dead trees removed from across paths on island, around lake paths, Woodland, Climbing Way.
Trees on blvd planned for replacement (Stu) soon; mulching of trees on Blvd and at park soon.
Job 6. Entrances. Weeding, mulch planned for June.
Signing initiative on hold; more to follow soon.
Job 7. Path Maint.
Path vegetation control spraying has been done. Mulch and stone to be added in June in a few locations.
The steps on the Boy Scout path from ELA Drive down to the lower lake have been rebuilt to add actual steps with a “rise” to eliminate the “slippery slope.”  The new Midway Dam steps and rope railing will be completed prior to the July 4th weekend (material has arrived.)
Job 8. Park Maint.
Repair, replacement of several pcs. of equipment and nets completed (Gregg.)
For the Grounds Committee
Bob Sendra 6/7/16

LAIA Grounds Comm  Report: May – 2016
Committee: Lucy Cohen, Gregg Heidebrink, Stu Snyder,  Allison Bishop, Steve DiGiuseppe, Bob Sendra (Chair)
Recent meeting: 4/16/16 (Lucy, Stu, Bob.)
Job 1. Mowing. The boulevard, all entrances and parks are mowed weekly (by A-1 LawnCare.)
Committee reviewed contract,  pricing, areas cut (map); also cautions given contractor re:blvd mow.  
Regular mowing of all LA areas began week of April 18th; working around blvd construction areas.  
Jobs 2 & 3. Roadside/dam trimming. All subdivision roadsides are trimmed back 4-5-ft from the pavement    3 times each Summer  (A-1.)   Members are requested to maintain the 5’ “safety” road shoulder in front of residences - mowing and trimming all road-edge vegetation for access and visibility. This year additional roadside areas previously trimmed by the Club will be taken on by LAIA.
Committee reviewed areas previously trimmed and new Club roadsides (mapped) and pricing.  A-1 to be notified  (Bob) that the Club parking lot will be trimmed by the Sanitary Authority mowers, not A-1.
Dam face trimming, one time per year, was resumed including the newly created spillway and slopes.
Some of the new spillway areas will be trimmed more often to develop an acceptable schedule.
Job 4. Vegetation control. This “vista improvement” work ( LnJ Landscaping) includes the battle against vines overtaking LA trees and bushes, clearing areas of excess dead, fallen and overgrown vegetation.
Areas of work for this season, planned with LnJ, were reviewed (on map.) Timeline discussed with LnJ.  
Job 5. Tree care. Crabtree Spring spraying was contracted (Greenstreet Tree Care) for trees at all  entrances & a Bridgeway/ELA  “island”location. Several trees leaning-over lake paths and along Woodland & Climbing Way will be felled.
Several trees will be selected for replacement  of previously removed/dead boulevard trees (Stu.) One of these is an in-warranty replacement from Abbott’s Nursery. Following replacements, all currently mulched trees will be mulch re-groomed.
One damaged tree on the island north of Dawson will be inspected for tentative removal (Stu, Bob.) Grass improvement on this island is being considered but will likely be postponed, as LASA will use the open blvd areas again next year for construction staging.
Job 6. Entrances. Regular cleanup, mulching and trimming of all entranceway plantings (LnJ.)
Entrances at Aberdeen, Greenook and SLA Drive have been weeded, trimmed and mulched in April.
Subdivision identification signage, a continuing initiative. The committee intends planning to have suggestions for Member consideration during this year. Several alternative materials and concepts are being discussed; “Loch Alpine” on stone is a current favorite and is being priced. Recommendations, locations, etc. will be presented to the Members for discussion prior to finalization of installation plan.
Job 7. Path maintenance. Lake stone paths and park mulched path are maintained to insure a firm, dry walking surface; all path vegetation is regularly trimmed back (LnJ.)  All paths surfaces are periodically sprayed to eliminate vegetation growing in the path material (A-1 LawnCare.)
Committee reviewed  areas of path concern for this season:
-surface additions: 100ft of stone added on upper lake path in the area of last years drainage work (at lot 146-7,) small areas west of the Boy Scout bridge, between Woodland & Rock Park (LNJ reminded to use “washed stone” only on the paths)  and a mulch addition to the complete park path.
-path steps off ELA down to the small fishing platform are too steeply inclined; will bid a rebuild to create actual steps with a 6-7” rise.
-path spray program was reviewed; one application deemed sufficient. Vendor has been notified again about concern for correct path width spray, no overspray or drift (Bob.).
-the bridge surface, slippery if wet, still to be addressed; possible refinish or non-slip material (Stu.)  
Job 8. Park maintenance.  
-Completion of Midway Dam steps discussed; it will include 10 new steps in 2 sections with grass slope between.  Agreed to an additional bottom step-stone at the dam path (ordered -Bob, along with timeline discussion; completion by mid-May.) Committee agreed to install safety railing; options will be gathered and reviewed in May, posts & railings or roping are being considered.
-The annual inspection of playground equipment and fishing docks/platforms, re-installing the field equipment & some equipment repair will be completed  in May (Gregg.) Fountain wb turned on in May. -A bid will be obtained for drainage in the wet areas of the playground equipment and adjacent to the Garden Club butterfly garden.
-Additional mulch was considered but the playground equipment supplier inspected the area and advised that the mulch base at it’s current depth is adequate.
-Other meeting topics:
 - broken rope at park entrance to be replaced (new spec’d material will be synthetic “Unmanilla,)
 -committee reviewed several new bids for the park toilet service; decided to stay with current vendor.
 -will re-stain pavilion tables this summer (Stu, Bob)
Topics & projects not to be forgotten:
-monitoring and reacting to invasive plant encroachment; inspecting LA and adjacent properties for plant invasive species and required control programs.
-dealing with downed trees fallen into the lake.
Bob Sendra

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