Lakes & Dams
The Lakes Committee is responsible for maintaining our Lakes and Dams and surrounding areas as well as our fishing docks. Each Summer, the Lakes Committee conducts several tests of the L.A. lake water to help determine whether the water is safe for "total body contact recreation."
Chair:  Bob Sendra (
Lake Treatment information can be found hereThe scheduled treatment dates for 2022 are: 5/17, 6/2, 6/23, 7/7, 8/10

Lakes & Dams Committee Notes

Lakes & Dams Committee Documents


Lakes & Dams Management Chronology

Lakes and Dams Activities Timeline

Aqua-Weed Lakes Treatment

Lakes and Boats Policy

LA Boat Registry (2022)

FEMA Flood Information for Loch Alpine

2020 Fishing Survey

Dams Emergency Action Plan

Dams Maintenance Log

MDEQ Approval of Dams Reports 2018

Bridgeway Dam Inspection Report 2022

Greenook Dam Inspection Report 2022

Bridgeway-Greenook Dams Record Drawings

Loch Alpine Dams Upgrade Permits

Lakes Restoration Project Update from 2008

LA Lakes Rehabilitation Feasibility Study, 1999 - part 1

LA Lakes Rehabilitation Feasibility Study, 1999 - part 2

ASTI Agreement

ASTI Progress Report 03-28-2006

ASTI Progress Report 06-06-2006

ASTI Progress Report 12-22-2006

ASTI Final Report 1-22-2008

Boyden Creekshed Report from HRWC